Thursday, February 28, 2013

Good Morning.

Unless you are me. I am not a morning person. And today I also do not think I become much of an afternoon person either.

The run yesterday was beautiful. I went in the park across the street from where I work and it was a great temperature out and a pleasant atmosphere. I will be honest, I did not run the entire time. My knees are hurting lately and I think its because I expected to be able to go a lot further than I actually can when I started.

I did take advantage of the hills in the park, and I would sprint up as many as I could find. I would speed walk and sprint distances. I ended up going 2.32 miles in about 27 minutes. Some would be ashamed of this but not me! I am just glad I went past my boundries and went somewhere new. (I'm a chicken)

So, There it is. My first blogged run. I hope you enjoyed it! I know it wasn't that interesting. After I was done running, I stuffed a protien bar down my throat then went home and ate a spinach and 3 pieces of thin crust pizza. I am pretty sure that canceled out my work out but hey, the body needs the fuel afterwards right??

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ready, Set, Go!

Hello there!

I'm mainly doing this blog as a reminder to myself that I can be pushed by myself to doing things I want to do, but not necessarily want to do. Does that make sense?

No, I will NOT be promoting this blog everywhere, not yet anyway. I embarrass myself enough as it is. So if you find this, CONGRATULATIONS and welcome! :)

I started running in January of this year. So, a little over a month ago is when I got the bug to put my shoes on and start moving. So far, I can only run/walk a little over 2 miles at a time before collapsing in the kitchen to eat the calories I just burned off on the treadmill.


I will be 24 in April.
I have a Daughter, Willow, who is spectacular and will be 2 in July.
I work full time as an Admin Assistant at a company I genuinely enjoy working for.
I live in the middle of Nowhere. Really. The closest gas station is just about 10 minutes away.
I love running, its my new escape, but I suck at it.