Friday, March 29, 2013

Crazy Hair and My Longest Run so far!

Willow's crazy adorable morning hairstyle
Happy Friday Friends!

Willow finally slept better last night! She did wake up once, but we were all so exhausted from the past 2 nights that we let her work it out and she did, and the rest of the night went smoothly.

Yesterday's motivation helped me on my run last night, which didn't happen until almost 9 pm!

Last night on the TM I ran 3.62 miles! That's my furthest so far! I'm not exactly sure on the time, I'm going to guesstimate here and say around 40 minutes. Me and the phone are having an on going war when I'm on the treadmill and my treadmill tends to shut off every so often...I think I fixed that issue though. I was using the same extension cord for both the TM and the DVD player and I finally changed it after it cut off for the 3rd time last night.

I tried to run around 5 MPH on average and I'd knock it up to 5.5 or even over 6 at times.

Tomorrow after we take Willow Easter egg hunting at a friend's Church, my friend Jessi and I are going to go run at a local elementary school. I'm going to clean the jogging stroller and put air in the tires tonight so I can take that and Willow with us for a test run. I hope she won't get to antsy and she can just enjoy the ride. It is supposed to get up to the low 60's tomorrow so that will be nice for a change!

What are your plans for Easter Sunday?

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Last Saturday's 5k Results

Results from Saturday's Rebuild Richmond 5k are in!

I came in 59 place (out of 109) and Mandy came in 60th place! We both finished in 34:19, and I am going to say I'm pretty darn proud of us for challenging ourselves and working hard to get this far! Just wanted to share!

Her'sday Thursday and a Little Motivation

What do you tell yourself so you won't give up?

Its here! Her'sday Thursday! (Little Friday)

Willow had a hard time last night again, she woke up screaming around 1:30 a.m., not sure why still. I think it might be bad dreams because she squeezed her little arms around my neck and wouldn't let go. She didn't even want to lay down, she just wanted me to walk with her. Not fun. I hope she sleeps better tonight.

Obviously I will be in need of motivation tonight to run because I am exhausted and I won't have time to do it right after work, so it will be late after Willow goes down and on the treadmill. Joy. (I'm starting to dread the treadmill, I need to clean up the garage BAD, anyone want to help?) So, in honor of being sleep deprived and it being Hersday, I'm going to list some before and during motivation.

Before: To Get You Running:

-You've worked hard on getting your body stronger, you don't want to stall out now, do you? (the answer is no. duh.)
-Swimsuit season is what, a little over a month away? You know you want to make their jaws drop!
-Do you really want to watch re-runs of wheel of fortune? no. Go to RedBox and rent a movie to watch while running!

During: To Keep You Running:

-The further you go, the less guilty you will feel about eating those Cadbury Creme Eggs on Easter.
- Make an awesome playlist on your ipod/smartphone/MP3 player. All your favorite songs that get you moving. ("Sexy and you know it!")
- My personal fav. is thinking about that banana-mocha-chip shake I treat myself to post-run. Delish.
-Are you sweating yet? no? KEEP GOING!

Last night, I did 35 minutes of strength training/aerobics last night, but I didn't get to use the work out video as planned. Sometimes they don't load properly on your "smart" phone when you live out in the boonies.
So instead I did a combination of things and made sure to keep moving the whole time. This included flutter kicks, squats, lunges, jumping jacks, planks, side planks, a move I think is called the climber? (plank position with arms and running with legs), and some other moves I learned from Hip-Hop Abs dvds in the past. Also some punching with 2lb weights and plain old sit ups.  I just made sure I kept moving! I think that's the key sometimes!

Well it has taken me a good half of the day to complete this blog since I've actually been fairly busy at work today. Here are some photos from today, just because:

Before leaving for work/babysitters

Lunch....Just what I needed!

I hope you all have a fantastic Hersday! :)

What is your best motivation to get started, and to keep going?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I've been robbed

The other day I was getting dressed and this conversation happened:

Josh: "Hun I think you were robbed."
Me: "What?"
Josh:"Someone stole your ass!"

Now, don't misunderstand. I was not well endowed before hand. But since I've started running both that area and my chest have shrunk a wee bit. (and I say a wee bit because they were only a wee bit to begin with) Anyone know any bigger butt exercises?? hmm?

I guess its better than having issues like ripping my jeans (I did that over the holidays), so I'm not complaining too much. Just wanted to throw that out there.

I went to the park after work yesterday afternoon and ran 3.09 miles in 35:30 min. Not bad for me. I'm glad I'm finally over the 3 mile mark. That makes me happy! When I started out I could barely get 1.5 miles. My next goal is to be able to finish a 10k and run/jog at least 80% of the distance. There is a 10k May 5th I want to sign up for, so that's what I'm going to start training for soon.

I also made it a goal to work on sprinting up hills, which is REALLY hard but obviously it needs to be done...they slowed me down a lot at the 5k last Saturday.

Someone wanted to play at 4 am this morning so I am fighting exhaustion already this morning! I had to work at staying awake on the drive in today. I think I came to the realization that being a mom and working a full time job means always being somewhat tired. I wish I could take a nap with Willow this morning, who was asleep by the time I got her to the babysitters. She didn't wake up when I dropped her off either! Little Sleepyhead...

this was her around 4:30 am..gotta love her though!

Happy Hump day everyone! Tomorrow is Little Thursday-Hersday :):)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tired Tuesday

Good Morning!

The sun is out, finally! Its still chilly but at least it is not snowing/raining, so thats a plus.

I thought I'd share her cuteness this morning. Her Aunt Kristie and Uncle Troy brought her some Dr. Suess books and two pairs of sunglasses. I think she really enjoyed watching her uncle put the sunglasses on himself. Josh had given her kool-aid too (watered down, but still) so she was wound up!

I had planned on getting up early (like, 5 am) to go for a run on the treadmill but that alarm went off and it all it did was rudely interrupt my sleep so I didn't go. I brought my gear to work, in case I get a chance to run in the park this afternoon. (if all else fails, the nightly treadmill run always works!)

I did some core exercises last night, but not a video. I have been SO exhausted lately, I just can't seem to get my energy back up. Willow's sleep schedule was all wacked out over the weekend so mine was too and I still haven't caught back up. Coffee isn't even helping! And for some reason, I can't get my coffee to taste the way I like it , which is terrible because I'm a 3-cup person before work even happens.

Anyone have any tips for an energy boost? Also, what is your motivation to stay healthy, and become a better runner (or just better in general) ?

Its a short post today...I should probably go do work!

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

PS. Has anyone tried Texas Caviar? I had some over the weekend at the Church Hill Irish Festival. So. Good. Here is a recipe, I can't wait to make it! (I love black beans right now, so anything with those in it is worth trying!)
Texas Caviar

Monday, March 25, 2013

Rebuild Richmond 5k

Monday should be "Mandatory Irish-Coffee Day"

Please tell me why its snowing in the last week of March?

Ride in to work

At least the ride into work was doable. Our power went out right as I was getting ready this morning, almost lost my Willow in the dark! Then she stole my flashlight...she had herself a little light show in the living room this morning.

Well we finished the race Saturday! It went really good, we had to take a few walk breaks but just quick ones. There were a lot more hills than I anticipated. But we weren't last, and we kept up pretty well with everyone else! Mandy helped me keep going, I was about to give up running up a hill and she would say "Just get to the top!" You don't know how much just hearing things like that helps while you are running.

before the race
I had to remind both of us at one point that "A year ago, neither one of us could go even this far!" Which is very true, and I'm proud of both Mandy and myself for finishing! Its also awesome to hear people cheer for you when you cross the finish line...and for someone to hand you a bottle of water at the end too.

after the race

I'm not sure what the exact time was we finished, but we started at 9 am and finished before 9:40 (when Josh told us what time it was, after we caught our breath) So I'm guessing it was around 35-37 minutes, I will update when I find out.

Willow and Josh came, but I am pretty sure she had more fun on the bouncer they had for kids. She even made a new friend!

silly girl
hugs for a new friend!

I'm still a little sore today, my back hurts a little and my calf muscles are tight. I think I'll do some yoga and strength training once Willow goes down for her nap tonight. Hope you all have a wonderful Monday (is that possible??)

Friday, March 22, 2013

Going the (5k) Distance

Yesterday's run:

3.22 miles

Finish 5k distance in 34.43 min

Ran at Bryan Park

First thing. I have been spoiled by running on the treadmill so much! I cannot wait for it to be nicer here so I can run at the local parks. I know what some of you are thinking right now, that I can go run outside even when its not 60 degrees and sunny out. But I just don't want to. It doesn't mean that I don't want to run, I still run. Just on the lovely treadmill that isn't bothered by wind. (note: the garage has no heat either. so its freezing/hot when the outside climate is too)

Pros and Cons to running on a treadmill


1. No one will judge me in my garage when my face turns the color of a strawberry.
2. The wind won't hit me like a punch in the face (like it did outside yesterday)
3. There is no one to see me spill water all over myself
4. I can wear my old, grossly stained/bleach spotted sweat pants
5. Bicyclist don't lap me over 2x
6. I know exactly where I am going to finish my run at


1. My incline does not work so my run is set on easy
2. The view never changes, only the DVD in the player.
3. There is no fresh air in the garage, just dusty man-cavish items strewn about
4. There is no one to say a friendly "hello" to.
5. I don't get an option of taking Willow in the (thank goodness I finally got one) jogging stroller
6. I don't get to enjoy nature

Anyway, My run ended up being a solo run but that was okay, I was lame and had to stop a few times to catch my breath. The wind was crazy strong and I've been fighting a sore throat all week (excuses excuses).

Tomorrow is the Big Day! The Rebuilding Richmond 5k  will be my first race ever and even though I'm not that fast and not that coordinated, I am super excited! I hope it marks many more to come!

My question is, What is best to eat/drink the night before? I know something small before hand in the morning as to not upset my stomach, but I've heard different things about the night before. Also, I understand this is not a marathon or anything but I want to be the best I can be tomorrow.

I will post pictures and the results of tomorrow either Sunday or Monday. (most likely Monday while I'm at work, since Willow is pretty insistant on taking over the laptop at home.)

Hope you all have great weekend!

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's Her's Day (Thursday)!

Happy Her's Day!

I'm currently munch on a Kashi Go Lean Crisp bar as my mid afternoon snack. I think it might be intended for a meal replacement but if its under 200 calories I usually consider it a snack. I didn't used to like Kashi products but as I've learned more about processed foods and unprocessed foods, I've grown to like their stuff.

Last night I did this 25 minute long ab work out video:

Afterwards I did some free weights (for me that is 4lb weights, FYI because I'm a weenie.). I like to do a squat move and then use the weights to punch left to right and repeat that about 20 times. If you hold your stomach in while doing so you can feel it!

Tonight I am running with my friend Mandy, she and I are running the 5k Saturday so tonight I am hoping to see how we match up with paces and so on. I was told not to "lolli-gag" while I was out ...what does that even mean? I'm pretty sure men "lolli-gag" at friend's houses way more than women. But hey, thats just my opinion.

I have been really working on cutting back diet sodas and processed foods lately. However, my throat feels a little swollen/sickly so I did drink a diet coke earlier. Yes, I know that is not going to help my throat but it was a good enough excuse to have one, right?

I did have a salad for lunch and it was sooo good. I had mixed greens with Stilton cheese (with apricots!) and strips of left over steak topped with raspberry vinaigrette. It was delicious! I'm not really great at making fancy salads so I was proud of this one.

On a different note: Willow is 20 months today! and like I tweeted earlier, in 4 months when she is 2 I will be crying like a baby while she laughs at me like a toddler! Also, she has become quite the Daddy's girl lately. I told Josh I miss my Mommy's girl and he replied "you had her for 9 months, now its my turn!" Last night she would only give Josh kisses, and if I gave Josh a hug she would climb up in his lap and proceed to budge me out of the way with her head, while saying "mine!" I'm sure this is just a phase, right?

Where did my cuddly little baby go?

(This was after we got home after our first post-baby date) I missed her so!

If you have children, what interesting phases did they go through? Do they like to run or do other activities with you?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A run and no sleep

Last nights run on TM:

2.58 miles, I averaged a 5.6 mph speed. The treadmill cut off half way through and I had to start all over and add everything up.

I would have gone to 3 miles but there was a strong pain in my side that didn't go away even after slowing down so I stopped. I'm not going to get upset with my self though, I am slowly but surely picking up distances on runs. So thats a good thing.

I am however, getting a little nervous about the 5k this weekend. What if I am the slowest person out there? What if I injure myself and can't finish it? I know a 5k is small stuff for seasoned runners but this is a big event for me! My very first 5k!

Anyway, I was sleeping on the sofa because Josh had taken over the king size bed, when I woke up to Willow crying and then a thump, and then cry/screaming. I ran in the bedroom, I guess she had woken up before and Josh put her in the bed with him. She fell out. She is okay but I don't think she is feeling well (besides her eye) so we all slept in the bed after that. how does a little person like that manage to take up a whole king size bed??? She must get that from her Daddy. She also kicks and headbutts in her sleep, which if you ask my Mom, she gets that from me. Not a great combination to have when there are other people in the bed! We didn't get much sleep last night/this morning. Josh got the worst part of it because she wanted to sleep on his chest, then she migrated towards me and I woke up to baby feet in my face.:

 See that small area after her feet? That would be my spot. (and this is why I'm on my third cup of coffee FYI and its not even 8:30. )

Hope you all have a rocking day...I'm picking up a (free!!!) jogging stroller tonight from a lady nice enough to hand hers down to me. I am looking forward to taking Willow on some runs at the park!

Was anyone else nervous about their first race? what kind of race was it?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Slow day...

Its a slow day at work. Its beautiful out and we are all stuck inside so I'm posting again.

Here's a picture post-run Saturday morning (a little after 6am, I just walked in from running on the treadmill and she was talking in her crib)
Photo: Just finished running and found her talking in her crib

She is hiding her face, but shes still cute.

I would really LOVE you opinions, tips and ideas on anything! Is a Garmin Forerunner worth the $$$? Whats your favorite post work out snack?

....That is all for now :)

Rest Night? Whats that?

I have decided. There is no such thing as a rest night when you are a mom. Especially to a toddler.

Last night was supposedly a rest night but since Josh's Rodeo blew up we had to go pick up a truck he's borrowing from his dad (who I swear is the most helpful human being on earth.). This was after getting off work and driving back to the boonies in rush hour traffic. So I drove him an hour the opposite way to get the truck, then Willow and I were on our way to my beloved Target to pick up a prescription for her pink eye (yes, I know its gross. Trust me if your kid doesn't have it, they will. get. it. eventually.). Too bad Target's pharmacy closes at 7 and it was after 7 when I figured this out. So I stopped by McDonald's and got a salad and Willow a "happy" meal. What a waste of hard earned mulah....she had like 2 fries and half a "chicken" nugget. My southwestern chicken salad was surprisingly tasty.

So we got home around 8, and she stayed up to nearly 9 which is just past her bedtime. I finally put her down and I was half way through watching "Bates Motel" when she woke up screaming......forgetting she has pink eye I put her in the bed with us because her fever had broken and she was cold. (By the way, did anyone else see "Bates Motel"? What'd you think? I totally missed the ending!)

Needless to say I spent this morning not only getting ready for work, making breakfasts/lunches but also lysoling and changing bed sheets. Yay.

So. That was my rest night. How does your rest night usually go? Hopefully better than mine!

Tonight's goal after feeding, bathing and putting my dear daughter to bed will be 3 miles on the treadmill. At least 5.0 mph, hopefully 6.5 mph for 2 minutes at a time.

My breakfast this morning wasn't bad:

Banana, half a cinnamon rasin english muffin and some vanilla greek yogurt...with green tea of course. I already downed my coffee on my way to work.

Well, I better get to work! Hope you all have a grand Tuesday...

Monday, March 18, 2013

St. Patrick's Day and New Food

Happy Monday! well...its not happy so much as it is raining/snowing/sleeting mid-March. Where is the warm sunshine??

Friday went well, Mandy and I tie dyed T-shirts for our 5k this coming Saturday. We did one for Willow too, since shes our side line member :)

I came home to the neighbors and their kids outside with Josh and Willow, she was in a swing he had put up for her that day. Well it was anchored about 30 feet in the air (it was secure, but still high!) and he was swinging her as high as he could...if I hadn't had an adult beverage at Mandy's I probably would have had a heart attack when I saw him swinging her! But she was enjoying it, the whole time saying "weeeee!"

Saturday I tried going the 5k distance on my treadmill at a faster than usual pace (5.5mph - 6.2 mph) and it went surprisingly well. I'm still sore today though! It is getting more possible to run farther, and I am absolutely loving it! Back in highschool you couldn't get me to run 1 mile! I did strength training yesterday using 4lb dumb bells and Willow sat on my stomach while I did crunches.

We didn't have the adult day that we had planned on Saturday, so we ended up taking Willow to a local St. Patricks Day festival that was kid friendly. She loved it, went running around everywhere which I am going to say adds to my mileage for that day because I had to chase her everywhere! We all slept a good 12 hours Saturday night. Taking her out Saturday was WAY better than an adult day!


P.S. Am I the last person on Earth to try Nutella?? I had a crepe Saturday with Nutella and strawberries and I almost died from pleasure. So good! Also I picked these up at Kroger yesterday:
1. Mango Salsa (my new fav snack!)
2. Stilton cheese with apricots (yum!)
Have you tried any of these? whats your favorite food?

Friday, March 15, 2013

Tie-Dye Friday

Happy Friday!

Yesterday I had picked another work out video on youtube to do after Willow went to bed, but it was really boring so half way through I ended up doing a Denise Austin one instead. As long as I'm sweaty and hungry by the end I'm happy!

St. Patrick's Day is this weekend, but since it is Sunday we are supposed to be doing the adult festivities tomorrow. I always look forward to having an adult day but then the day before (today) and the day of I end up having anxiety. I hate missing more time than I have to from Willow. I feel bad enough as it is working all day. Even though she loves her babysitter, its still bugs me that I miss so much time with her. Every night I speed home to get to her. Its also tough because I also have to cook dinner (most nights) and clean house/laundry/dishes and that takes up time I'd rather spend being 100% focused on her too.

Anyway, tomorrow she is going to stay with my Mom, and I know she has fun with her so thats good. I realize its good for Willow to spend time with her grandparents as much as possible. I still will miss her and wake up at 6 am the next morning to go get her. Even if she is still asleep.

Tonight after work my friend Mandy had a great idea to tie-dye some t-shirts for our upcoming 5k next weekend. I am so excited! 1-for the race, and 2- I have a race buddy! Shes a really great girl and we went to high school together so it should be fun!

I'm not sure how much posting I will be doing this weekend, I will try to get at least one in! I will be doing a run either late tonight or tomorrow morning, and I WILL do 3 miles!

Hope everyone has a great St. Patty's day! How will you be wearing your green?

Willow and I last year:


PS I decided to wear my favorite sweater with my black skinny jeans to work today...did I mention its a maternity sweater? sweet.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Second Wind

The time change is really starting to mess with my schedule.

Around 9 PM everynight I have been getting a "second wind" and I go into full energy mode. I'm hoping this wears off soon, I'd rather that second wind come at around 7:30 in the evening instead. I didn't run until a little after 9 last night, and I had continuous interruptions which has been happening a lot lately. I guess that would be called life?

I totaled about 2.90 miles, give or take. I am getting better at running the whole time instead of running/walking and I sped it up the last bit to 6.1 mph (usually do 5.0 or 5.5 mph) to amp up the calorie burn towards the end. Since I am out in the garage I have a dvd player set up on the wall (one of those ones you put in your car) to watch while running. That and the treadmill are both hooked up to an extension cord, which tends to cut off. Mostly when I go to slow down on the treadmill. (it must be a sign that I should keep going faster!) It did that twice last night, once in the begining and then at the end when I went to cool down. So my cool down ended up being the walk back to the house because I didn't feel like fooling around with the extension cord. I also had to stop in the middle of running to go help Josh with the computer, which I wasn't a big help on that and we both just ended up irritated. Thanks technology!

Speaking of technology, does anyone use the Nike+ app on their phone? The time/distance on that does not quite match up with the stats on the treadmill and its frustrating me. I need to callibrate it I suppose? Also, is it worth buying a running gps watch, like a garmin? And what the heck is a Nike Fuel Band anyway??

This book came in the mail the other day, I had ordered it off Amazon:

0314130947.jpg  Has anyone read this? I haven't started it yet, I'm looking forward to starting it on my lunch break.

Thanks for all the views by the way! I would really love some feedback, tips, advice, whatever you like!

Have a wonderful Thursday (AKA Hers-day)!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Happy Hump Day!

Good Morning!

How is the weather where you are? Its a tad chilly here, but I'm at my desk with my floor heater on and drinking green tea so I'm staying toasty.

Last night was a no-run night so I did a work out video I found on Youtube (who needs a gym membership? Not me!). I was dripping sweat when I was done! Good thing everyone was asleep so they didn't have to smell/see me! Its a good idea to change up your routine, it keeps your muscles working and from them getting used to doing the same thing. Here is the video, its 30 minutes long, FYI:
Work Out- Here

Have you ever decided that it was an awesome idea to clean your house after everyone else is asleep? I sometimes do this, and I guess the time change doesn't really help. So I ended up staying up until about midnight, and then when Josh started doing crazy leg kicks (he has RLS) I slept the remainder of the night/morning on the sofa until 5:25 am. Which then my morning consisted of fighting for my leaopard print heels from my 19 month old who has an apparent shoe fetish....I let her wear them for a little while hehe.  So I am ready for a nap. or food.

I hope that I can do what I am calling a "Challenge Run" tonight. I am going to try to beat some of my previous times. I am doing this for 2 reasons. 1- I need to start doing this more to prepare for upcoming races and 2- Burn some extra calories before St. Patrick's Day.

I'll let you know how it turns out!

Do you ever do a "Challenge Run" ?

Have a great day!

PS. Willow and her beloved Giraffe below:

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I Like Food.

Happy Tuesday!

Well, I hope its a happy one for you! Its a good Tuesday so far for me, except I woke up with a headache. I don't even mind the rain because its not freezing out. I think its the new Dunkin' Donuts Coconut flavored coffee I bought that is making my morning so good. (Its a MUST try)

I took my lunch break yesterday afternoon around 4:15 and went for a run in the park across the street. It is so nice to run somewhere that you don't go every day. I ran 2.53 miles at an average pace of 11'42. I'm pretty excited about that because most of the route is going up hill. So I'm giving myself a little pat on the back. (Last time I went to the park I didn't go as far and I didn't run as much. Yay for improvements!)

I saw this on one of my favorite websites this morning ( and it pretty much sums up my days at work:
true story 13 True story (29 photos)

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy your day, I have to make it short since I'm at work!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Cranky Monday

Want to know why I started running? I feel stuck. Stuck everywhere else in my life and its the one time no one can tell me I am doing something the wrong way or even talk to me. There are no words, only thoughts. And I like that. Its a quiet break from everything else that is just sitting.

For the most part, most days, I enjoy my everyday life. I love watching my daughter grow up and my job is good with people I like to work with. I have accomplished things like quiting smoking and I've gotten some college courses under my belt. But there are some days that I get restless and angry, mostly because my life didn't quite turn out the way I expected to. That doesn't necessarily mean its bad, its just not what I expected. Some ways its better, in some ways its not.

When I run I feel like I am experiencing something new everytime. Especially outside, I get to see other people going about their lives, I get to enjoy nature in different elements and even enjoy time with our dog (who I think feels a little left out since Willow was born).

Hopefully one day when Willow is old enough she will want to be active with me, I know she loves being outside already and she is pretty speedy so I think its a good possibility. But for now, I'm enjoying the silence of the run.


The weekend was mostly filled with play time. I went for a 3 mile run on the treadmill while willow took a nap and then we had a play date with a friend of mine and her daughter who is around Willow's age.

Saturday we left early and went into town. We did some shoping at target (duh), played at the mall play area with her Grammy (AKA my Mom) and then we went to Battlefield park with my bestie Jessica to play at the playground and go for a walk.

It was a nice, sunny weekend! I swear it seemed shorter than usual, and more than just the hour we lost!

Also- I returned that pair of tights with the skirt attached. It seemed to get looser the more you wore them and I really don't have a butt as it is to hold up pants!

Pictures from Battlefield Park, Willow loves the swing! (if you look hard enough, you can tell she doesn't have any socks on. She did that right before we got there. I don't know why she insists on not wearing any socks)

Friday, March 8, 2013

Its Friday!

Good morning to the 1 or 2 people that read this!

Today is going to be a good day because its Friday, and after all the snow Wenesday it should be in the 60's this weekend. (Virginia is crazy like that.)

Last night my dog and I went to the garage for a run on the treadmill. Well, he just sat next to the dog statue and stared at it while I ran. It was a rought start, the dvd I put in kept skipping and then once I got that going GUN SHOTS started happening outside. Let me paint a picture for you. I live in the middle of nowhere. Really, the only gas stations that are near me are 10 minutes away and thats driving fast. We have a horse pasture in our back yard, sans horses. Even a big red barn. We have neighbors but one is on the other side a privacy fence and the other is a good acre away.

Its a good thing no one could see me when I heard the gun shots because I ducked down like an idiot and the dog barking just freaked me out more. I called Josh on my phone and asked if it was him, it wasn't. Luckily I could text the neighbor and she said it was her. She saw a coyote. Like I said...We live in the middle of nowhere.

Anyway, after all that I ended up running a little bit over 2.5 miles. Which is awesome for me. The shorter strides are really making a difference, before I would feel like finishing after 1 mile.

I think I will look at jogging strollers tomorrow. When spring comes I would really love to take Willow to a park and get her in on the action too. Any suggestions for jogging strollers? I will probably try for a used one.

I hope you all have a great weekend! I am going to have a long run this weekend (for me thats about 3 miles) and Sunday is rest day!

My new shoes (sorry for the blurry shot!):

I am absolutely in love with them! Best Valentine gift ever! :)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Short Strides, Longer Distance?

Good Morning!

I hope its warm and sunny where you are, because here in VA its cold and snowy. Yesterday we all stayed home from work/daycare and watched the snow fall. Why watch the snow fall you ask? Well, the power went out for the better part of the day so we had the woodstove going and enjoyed the scenery instead of the TV. I didn't venture out in it though, 30 mile per hour wind mixed with snow/rain is not my cup of coffee. We ate too much and I did some strength training to attempt to counter act all the eating, but really it was just me being optimistic. My sides do hurt from all the side planks though. So theres a plus.

Tuesday night I ran 2.5 miles on the treadmill. I used the newer-to-me treadmill this time and it actually helped me with my running style. I think before I was running too heavy and too long of strides. With this treadmill if you hit it too hard with your feet it will stop a little bit and almost make you trip up. So I practiced short, light strides and I was amazed at how less fatigued my legs were! Also, my knees didn't hurt so much. I can not tell you how excited I am about this new discovery! I can't wait to hop on it tonight!

C9 by Champion® Women's Run Skapri - Assorted Colors I bought a pair of these at Target the other day...I LOVE THEM...but I feel a little dorky wearing them at the same time. Have you tried the Skort/Legging deal yet? (p.s. Can I wear these all day? I feel like I want to)

  My happy toddler yesterday, enjoying a cinnamon roll dipped in yogurt.

I hope everyone enjoys their day today! I am so happy to see the sun shine and the snow melt! :)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Rest Night

Last night's Run  Rest Night turns out to be well needed.

I had full intentions of going home and jumping on that treadmill last night once Willow went down for the evening. Turns out she had different plans. I got home and she was in a pleasant, talkative (her language of course) mood that we were very much enjoying. She even helped me cook and taste tested the spaghetti sauce with me, saying "mmmm num!" with every bite.

After dinner I wanted to make sure I had enough water in me before running so I filled up my new pink water bottle (I have a weird thing about all cups. I'm obsessed) with ice water. Willow apparently has the same weird obsession over cups because she wanted the cup. I am trying to not give in to every little thing with her because it is becoming a slight issue...spoiled. So I didn't give it to her.

Bad Idea.

That set the mood for the rest of the evening which included crying, hyperventilating, snot, and this wanting-to-be-held-but-don't-touch-me thing she does. Once she was finally asleep I carefully put her in her crib and got in gear to do my thing.

(Venturing out into the cold, detached garage in the dark is NOT my thing. I make the dog come out with me so I feel more protected and less of a weenie. )

The damn treadmill would not turn on. I guess I had too many things plugged in out there and it wouldn't reset. Damn you electricity and my woman brain that knows nothing about you.

And of course Josh's back was hurting so he was no use. So last night resulted in a glass of wine in bed and watching the show "The Following". Oddly enough, I feel like I've done sit ups all night and I didn't even do strength training last night. Complete rest night. Maybe my body needed it. It hasn't had one of those in a few weeks.

How often do you take complete rest nights?

Monday, March 4, 2013

Post Run Shake and Weekend Run

Happy Monday?
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Saturday when I finally got Willow down for a nap, I went for a run around our horse pasture and yard. I'm going to be honest here, I went 2.30 miles and it took me 30 minutes. I was really hoping that by now I could get to at least 2.5 miles in that time. So this week my goal is to go AT LEAST 2.30 miles per run. I would like to do that in less than 30 minutes. So wish me luck! Hopefully my new Brooks Adrenaline 12 shoes will come in today or tomorrow. I can't wait for that.

Yesterday while grocery shopping at target with Willow (Target is pretty much my weakness...and now that it has a grocery section I am done for!) and I picked up some unsweetened vanilla almond milk while we were there. Have you tried this stuff?? I am so surprised about how tasty it is! I made an iced coffee in the afternoon with it for a pick-me-up and last night I made this little number after my work out:

Banana-Almond-Chipper Shake (catchy name right?):

1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
1/2 frozen banana (cut up)
1 spoonful of peanut butter
1 spoonful of nesquiks no sugar added chocolate powder
1 handful of ice

I put it in the blender and BAM instant heaven. 1 cup of almond milk is about 30 calories with more calcium than regular milk. Peanut butter is always great for protein and everything else is tasty as well. I highly recommend trying this!

Tonight is a run night, and its going to be on the treadmill which I am starting to dread. The garage is a mess and both treadmills don't always function properly. Hopefully I can set a movie up out there, if I can get Josh's help!

What is your favorite post work out snack?

Friday, March 1, 2013

In the Begining...

Happy Friday!

I have a little over an hour left before my weekend officially starts and I am STARVING.

I usually eat small breakfast/snack/lunch/snack/snack/dinner. I promise its not as bad as it looks. Snacks are usually 1 of the following: Special K cereal, 90 Calorie Fiber One bars, Coffee, etc.

See. Not so bad. Anyway, I forgot my afternoon snacks today so I am eating one of my emergency protein bars I have in my desk drawer. I'm not going to lie, it tastes awful. Unfortunately, if I don't eat something now I will eat EVERYTHING later.

Has anyone else ever noticed that many long term runners do not always explain how hard it was for them when they first started? I have. Mostly because I am waiting for someone to say "when I first started I couldn't go more than 2 miles walking/running". I have yet to hear that. They always change the subject. Boo.

So I am telling you, in the hopes that one day I will be a long term, long distance runner, that I cannot go more than 2.5 miles, and I am still not running the entire time. I realized the other day however, that this is not necessarily a bad thing, that I have to work myself up to it. well, I am as impatient as they come. My knees hurt and I think its because of 2 things: 1-my shoes and 2-my inexperience.

I ordered new shoes today, (Brooks Adrenaline 12), and started doing hip-strengthening exercises (as of last night) to help with knee pain. Apparently if your knees hurt it may be a sign of weak hips. (you try carrying a 8.9 lb baby for over the allotted time and gaining 50lbs while doing so....almost 2 years later my hips still aren't normal!)

I'm hoping these help, because I am planning on running my butt off! Hopefully tonight I can get in 2 miles, and tomorrow go for a walk with Willow during the day.

When is your favorite time to run? or the most convenient?


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