Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ready, Set, Go!

Hello there!

I'm mainly doing this blog as a reminder to myself that I can be pushed by myself to doing things I want to do, but not necessarily want to do. Does that make sense?

No, I will NOT be promoting this blog everywhere, not yet anyway. I embarrass myself enough as it is. So if you find this, CONGRATULATIONS and welcome! :)

I started running in January of this year. So, a little over a month ago is when I got the bug to put my shoes on and start moving. So far, I can only run/walk a little over 2 miles at a time before collapsing in the kitchen to eat the calories I just burned off on the treadmill.


I will be 24 in April.
I have a Daughter, Willow, who is spectacular and will be 2 in July.
I work full time as an Admin Assistant at a company I genuinely enjoy working for.
I live in the middle of Nowhere. Really. The closest gas station is just about 10 minutes away.
I love running, its my new escape, but I suck at it.

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