Thursday, February 28, 2013

Good Morning.

Unless you are me. I am not a morning person. And today I also do not think I become much of an afternoon person either.

The run yesterday was beautiful. I went in the park across the street from where I work and it was a great temperature out and a pleasant atmosphere. I will be honest, I did not run the entire time. My knees are hurting lately and I think its because I expected to be able to go a lot further than I actually can when I started.

I did take advantage of the hills in the park, and I would sprint up as many as I could find. I would speed walk and sprint distances. I ended up going 2.32 miles in about 27 minutes. Some would be ashamed of this but not me! I am just glad I went past my boundries and went somewhere new. (I'm a chicken)

So, There it is. My first blogged run. I hope you enjoyed it! I know it wasn't that interesting. After I was done running, I stuffed a protien bar down my throat then went home and ate a spinach and 3 pieces of thin crust pizza. I am pretty sure that canceled out my work out but hey, the body needs the fuel afterwards right??

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