Friday, July 19, 2013


2 years ago today I was (impatiently) waiting the eviction notice I had given my unborn daughter to take effect.

She was 2 days past her due date, it's the middle of summer and I'm sweating places I didn't know where possible.

You wouldn't think 2 days is a big deal. But when you've gained 50+ pounds and your stomach is touching the tops of your thighs almost (to what felt like) your knees when you sat down, its a long wait.

2 days later, she was born (rather dramatically), via induction and emergency C-section. She had to be resuscitated, but she finally took in her first breath and she was here. 8 pounds, 9 ounces at 7:47 pm. The first thing I remember was hearing her sneeze. I didn't get to see her right away because of the resuscitation and my passing in and out, but when I did I feel in love instantly. Josh got to hold her first (you can't hold them while you are being sewn up) but I got to give her a kiss first, so it evened out.

Every day in the hospital I was elated and sad. Elated to have her here, my baby. For some reason this idea kept popping in my head "She will never be this small again, tomorrow she will be a little bigger." That was what made me sad. (blame the hormones)

I eventually forgot about that part because everyday was a new adventure and she slowly started getting her own little personality. I was also very sleep deprived some sleeping sitting straight up on our sofa for about 3 weeks.

Every minute with her, every day, has been a wonderful experience. Its hard, but worth it. I like to think that I'm a better person because of her. She made me hate less and love more. She is teaching me patience (that is an ongoing process).

These past 2 years have been amazing, and I'm so thankful to have our Willow in our lives. She is a sweet, wonderful girl. I also now realize that even though she is getting bigger every day, she will always be my baby, even at 6 feet tall.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Afternoon walks, Oatmeal Recipe and My Favorite Cleaner?

I went for a walk on my lunch break yesterday afternoon:

I am going to go on another one today, a longer one. The shoes I had on yesterday rubbed the bottoms of my feet a little raw, so I only walked for about 20 minutes.

I have a recipe that I came up with this week for oatmeal, I was at a loss for what to add to it to change it up, and I came up with this:

R.M.'s Strawberries and Cream Oatmeal

1/2 cup old fashioned oats
3-4 strawberries, cut up
2 teaspoons chia seeds
1 capful of vanilla extract
1/2 cup of 1% milk
1/2 cup of water

Mix all the ingredients together and microwave for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Its really good if you add some honey. Its okay if you add splenda, either way its best if you add some sort of sweetener.

Last night's work out consisted of scrubbing the bathtub crayon off my shower, scrubbing the walls in my bathroom and cleaning toilets. Hot, I know. Also did some core work and push ups. I could only do about 20 when I started, and its getting easier to get to 30!
More cleaning tonight, I think I'll tackle dusting and dishes. Woo. I ran out of my favorite cleaner last night. Pledge Mutli-Surfaces is my best friend right now. You can use it on glass, wood, electronics, anything. Plus it smells awesome. I need a lifetime supply of that stuff!

I better go!

 Happy Hersday!!

"Daddy Picked Me a Flower!"

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

3 More Days

What day is it?
Come on, you know.


The commercial with the camel reminds me every time.

So including today, there are 3 days until Willow's birthday party.


I kind of feel prepared, and then I kind of don't. Like, I have all the paper plates, napkins, utencils, cups. All the stuff you use to eat food, but not the food. Thank goodness for my mom who ordered the cake. Now I just have to get all the side dishes and Josh is handling the grill. Also, I need to get one of those big tubs of ice cream but I'm not sure where I'm going to put it since I can't even fit a hot pocket in our freezer at the moment. Hmmm

So with everything going on, on top of daily life, its been busy. Mostly busy by me stressing out and not getting much done. The thing about that is: 1. I can't really get down and clean the house until the night before/ morning of because little people (and big people) that don't put things back and track things in. So other than catching up on laundry/dishes and other things, I'm not doing the major yet. 2. Living from paycheck to paycheck (like most Americans) I am waiting until payday to get the rest of what I need.

Josh is cleaning up the outside, but I will probably end up helping- a little- with that.

Anyway, I've been squeezing in sit ups, planks, push ups and the like. At least 20 minutes a day. squats and lunges too.

I cannot wait to run again. How do you run in this heat? I know they say dress like its 20 degrees warmer, but when its in the mid 90's outside, what am I supposed to do? I'm pretty sure no one wants to see me run naked. There's a lot of jiggling action there. Do you run in the morning? at night? On a treadmill in the glorious AC? I cannot wait to join the gym Friday. You better believe I'm going there Sunday!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Heat Wave, Banana Icecream, and a New Room

That's not even the high...that's just right now! its supposed to feel like 102 today!
Monday, again, already?

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Mine was busy! We went to the Hanover Tomato Festival on Saturday and I counted carrying Willow (26 lbs) around for a few hours while walking as my exercise for the day. After that we met Josh and went to a surprise party for Josh's friend (tons of cute little kids, Willow made some new friends!) and then headed home.

she was so excited!

love that smile!

Sweet Frog....

Yesterday Mom came over and we put up the chalk board and a mirror we painted in Willow's room. While willow napped we ate some caramel popcorn and watched some trash tv :)

Later my brother and his fiancé came by and we set up her toddler bed that they gave us. Willow wanted to do her version of took a little longer than expected. I also managed to force my brother into helping me take down the crib with a knife screwdriver. Thanks Joefish and Kat :)

her play area, still needs a few finishing touches

I got the rug off for about $32! I want to paint the bed white eventually
I'm pretty sure she was satisfied with the change:

*tear* big girl

I tried that "frozen banana into ice cream" trick last night. I blended the frozen banana and then added peanut butter and chocolate syrup. It turned out pretty good.

kind of a soft serve texture
Anyway, I've been slacking on running because of my schedule and the heat. I know, no excuses. So I'm joining the YMCA on Friday. I'm also getting Willow a membership so we can play in the pool after I work out!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Breath Your ABC's

da mo 2111 Daily motivation (25 photos)

This would have been helpful to know yesterday on my run. My exact thoughts while running where "I could go a lot faster if I could breath!"

It might help if I ran a few more days per week too....just sayin'.

After my 5k run I picked up Willow and we got our  free 7/11 slurpees. It was our lucky day because they ran out of the sample size cups so we got free 16 oz ones. I asked the lady who was filling them to only fill it about a third of the way, and mine a little over half. By the time we got to the car Willow's was already gone. Her eye filled up with tears and looked into her empty cup and I couldn't say no to that face. So she had both slurpees.

I had bought a brownie while we were in there so no huge loss for me.

She was sticky and stinky from her activities of the day, she went to a agricultural fair with her sitter and her family and made a mess with her treats in the back of my car, so she got a bath as soon as we made it home. She must have been waiting for Josh to come home before she went to bed because she instantly got sleepy as soon as she was in his arms. I guess she wanted to make sure she saw him.

I'm glad I went running yesterday because it was POURING out this morning and it doesn't look like the clouds will clear up anytime soon. Maybe some yoga tonight? I should have done that this morning but when it rains I can't find any energy except for the energy to stuff my face with food.

Also, why does have to show such cool things on sale when I'm broke? I just paid my personal property taxes and I was browsing on their site and saw these two things:

1. Growth Chart - To show off how tall my baby toddler is

2. Preschool Prep Set - Lets jump start that learning power!

So, if you were wondering what to get her....hint hint ;)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Willow is turning 2!

I forgot to mention this.

Its big.

I mean, why did I not tell you earlier?

Willow will be 2 next Sunday!!!! I can't believe it! Its coming up so quick! Don't be surprised if you catch me drinking wine and a little teary eyed once she's in bed that night. I tried to convince Mom to bring me a "coping present" aka bottle of sangria. She didn't seem amused.

Anyway, with just over a week before her party, I am basically writing lists of lists I need to make. Because that's what I do. I'll forget the lists at home and probably end up going to the store about 5 times.

We are going to do simple....(simpler than other parties I've seen/pinterested/heard of)...kiddie pool, slip'n'slide, sprinkler. Plus tie dying which should be interesting. I figured if they make a mess then they can just jump in the pool. Plus, Willow's favorite things right now involve water. It doesn't matter how cold that well water is, if its in the kiddie pool, she's not getting out.

So far I've gotten some stuff for her room, I want to get her a few other little things as well. I'm waiting to coordinate with Josh on that. I also need to figure out the cake, food, and drinks.

And, clean the entire house, duh. (anyone want to come help me?)

I can't believe she's 2 already. She is so big, so smart, and funny. Its a bittersweet moment, a child's birthday. On one hand you get to seem them grow up and thrive (and thank god that you all made it another year) and on the other hand you long for the days of that cuddly 10 month old with those chubby little cheeks. But like I've heard many times, growing up is better than the alternative.

That is all. Just wanted to share some thoughts on my big girl's day coming up :)

I need this.

It's Hersday Thursday/Little Friday


What are you going to do this evening? run? have a glass of wine? watch a movie? read a book?

da mo 2110 Daily motivation (25 photos)
I need this.
I'm going to take my lunch break late and go for a run, then go pick up Willow. Then possibly Wine. and definitely finishing reading the book I've had my face stuck in lately. Its called Stay and It is my new favorite. You need to go read it!

I hope to get 4 miles in this afternoon since I think I will have the time. It looks nasty outside but at least its not nasty-cold so I won't let it deter me! What is your least favorite weather to run in?

New running clothes need to come into my life. One day, I'll be able to afford some new ones. I have been putting all my money into bills/willowsbirthday/drs/groceries lately and my well runs dry after all of that.

Anyway, I'm sitting here eating left over dollar tree pretzels. They are pretty gross but I'm hungry. Maybe I should go to the vending machine in the basement....

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up and Excuses, Excuses

Happy Tuesday!

I didn't do much running over the weekend (like...none) so I didn't post yesterday. Last night I did some core work and even got Willow in on it and she did some lunges and jumping jacks with me.

I woke up around 4:40 this morning and got on the treadmill. Since my treadmill is out side in the garage that has no AC, I was sweating at about .10 miles. Have you ever skipped a few too many days and tried to jump right back into it? I hadn't ran since July about 2 miles I started having pains in both sides and my chest, so I finished by walking until 5:30 came along. So basically I feel like I let myself down a little bit by not running at all over the weekend, and I don't want to talk about it anymore.

We had a good weekend, Willow and I went to the river Saturday and we got to see my brother, his fiancé, my dad, and my uncle and his gf, and my cousin. Willow is a future river rat and she didn't want to get out at all. I completely forgot about swim suits (my morning before hand was pretty hectic) so we ran up to walmart and bought two cheap ones. Is it weird that its now my favorite swim suit?
chowin' down on a rib
Me and my future SIL

Willow making sure her Grandpa doesn't get sunburn
My Life

Sunday, Jessie S came over and we played in the little blow up pool in the back yard. And drank some wine. What could be better?


the water was FREEZING, but she did not care!

Willow and Jessie S

Anyway, I think part of the reason I haven't been posting, or running as much is because there has been so much going on. Some things I'm not ready to post about, they are just things that are nagging at me. Other reasons aren't bad, like Willow's second birthday coming up, that have been keeping me busy. Plus, chasing after a soon-to-be-2-year-old is pretty time consuming. Especially when it seems like I'm the one doing it 90% of the time. She is a spunky one, and I love her for it! ;)

Friday, July 5, 2013

July 4th Recap

Happy Belated July 4th to you all! I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Independence Day!

We all got up a little too early for a day off, around 5:30 am. I ran 4 miles on the treadmills and it was fantastic. You know what I mean, when you start off thinking "I'll go 2.5 miles and be done." And so you get to that point and think "Maybe I should just go ahead to 3" and by the time I got to 3.5 miles I was feeling awesome and just kept at it. I give partial credit to those Jelly Belly sport beans I ate before hand.

My biggest issue (I've said it before) with running in the morning is that I eat about twice as much as I usually do...well maybe not twice but more. I'm not even going to confess to what all I ate yesterday.

Willow, Jessie H and I made a trip to Lowes and Walmart yesterday and got supplies to make a chalkboard for Willows room. Partical board, 1 can of pink spray paint, 1 can of chalkboard spray paint and two I hooks to hang it with = just over 15 dollars. The cheaper of the easel already made chalkboards run about $40. I will finish it this weekend and I'm super excited.

We went to Josh's friends house about an hour and fifteen minutes away and watched fireworks. They live in a cute neighborhood that has a lake in the middle. Everyone there is really laid back and friendly, and Willow made a new friend, Mason. He is adorable!

She is finally old enough to appreciate the fireworks, ha.

We didn't get home until 11:30, I woke up at 5 this morning and did yoga. And now I'm at work, along with 4 other people. Everyone else took off so I'm going to take advantage and use to day to organize, file, and clean. Wish me luck! have a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


da mo 22 Daily motivation (25 photos)

Good Morning!

I decided to start the morning off differently today. I woke up a little earlier (right before 5 am) and did a 10 minute yoga video:

After I finished with that I still felt like I could do a little more so I did this one as well:

All in all it was a good routine to do (for me anyway) first thing in the morning. The first video woke me up and the second one really worked my core, which needs it. My back isn't as strong as I would like.

I'm going for a run after work today with Mandy and her friend, and I'm looking forward to it!

On another note, have any of you tried quaker's "Perfect Portions" Oatmeal? I happened to find it at Target last week for about 2 dollars on sale so I went for it. It has about 8 servings and you measure it out yourself. You can use milk or water, and I tend to use half milk and half water so I can still get the creaminess without all the calories. Its really good. Its not sweetened so you add that too, I add two packets of splenda to mine. I've been on an oatmeal kick lately and this is perfect for it! I eat a banana with it as well.

Anyway, I better go get started on the work day! Enjoy your day!

Monday, July 1, 2013

MIA Catch Up!

I know, I know.
Its been FOREVER since I've posted. Sorry about that. Once we got back from vacation I had to play catch up the rest of the week at work.

Here are some main points:

1. I have a new favorite place to run. The beach.

This is what it looked like when I went for my (1) run while we were on vacation

2. Willow absolutely l-o-v-e-s the beach. She couldn't get enough of it, even after almost getting knocked down a few times, she still went back for more.

3. I went off my healthy eating, but I'm working on it again. I think that happens a lot when you deviate from your normal routine. I also think that as long as you get back to working hard and eating healthy then its okay. (that half pint of ben and jerry's last night doesn't count)

4. Willow is a prankster. Last night she filled her mouth up with water, sat on my chest (I was doing sit ups) and spewed the water all over my face and laughed. Thanks kid. I laughed too...

right before she pulled her little prank on me

I may have ran only once on vacation but I did take Willow on long walks on the beach or around the little town in the mornings before anyone woke up. I ran twice last week and on Saturday as well.  I need to step it up a bit a lot and work on getting more miles in. Its hard with the lack of time and cooperation I get though. I'll find a way to fit it in eventually.

We had such a wonderful time at the beach with Josh's family. Their kids are awesome, and so where their friends. We thoroughly enjoyed every one's company. Josh's Brother and Sister in Law are a lot of fun to be around, they are always good for a great conversation for sure!

I promise to post more this week :)