Friday, May 31, 2013

Fast Friday!

Sooooo I know, I didn't post anything for yesterday.

I just didn't feel like it. Also, I didn't realize it was Thursday. also didn't feel like working out, so I made brownies instead. Willow is getting smart, she stole my brownie right off my napkin then balled up the napkin so even if I stole it back, I'd have no where to set it.

Tonight is going to be really hectic. I have to pick Willow up after work, go home and empty out the car, pack it with yard sale stuff, then we are heading over to her Aunt and Uncle's house (AKA Josh's brother and sis in law). Its about 45 minutes to an hour away, so driving out there tonight will be better than getting up super early in the AM. I better make a list of everything now before I forget it...

I woke up early enough this morning to do 100 crunches, 20 lunges and squats, and 25 knee push ups. That would be my version of a lazy work out, just FYI. I'm fighting a headache and wanting a nap already and its only 9:30 am!

I downloaded some new picture editing apps onto my Iphone....
hoola hoop!
trying to sneak away to see her friends
switching it up from salads
my gym
everyone else takes these pictures, so why not?

 I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Get some sun and enjoy the run!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Getting Started for The Day

So, a random fact to start off your humpday..

The high today where I live is 91 degrees. Guess what I forgot to put on this morning? Deodorant.  I have a feeling I'll have less friends than usual today. (I  also forgot to put on mascara, but I remembered eyeshadow? WTH?)

Anyway, last night I tried out the Jillian Michael's 6 week 6-pack for the second time. Its an awesome work out, but I am so not coordinated. I am still having a hard time sucking it in while doing ab exercises, its like retraining I guess.
quote this 71 A couple of QUOTES (14 photos)
Tonight I'm going to run on the treadmill after Willow goes to sleep. She has been sleeping longer lately. Either she is finally appreciating the ability to sleep past 5:30 or she is having a growth spurt. I had to wake her up this morning because if I didn't we would have been running late. Usually she is my alarm clock. 

Josh has to get up around 4:15 am with the job they started this week, and I'm using this to my advantage to get up earlier too. I was going to run this morning but I did dishes instead (sad part is the dish washer may be full but so is the sink still). I also made lunch for Mom and I to eat at the park on my lunch break. I brought left over bbq and pasta salad and made a spinach salad with walnuts, blueberries, strawberries and raisins. I am pretty excited about our picnic.

Summer Party Tips - I'm posting this so I won't forget the link. Also, check it out it has some cute ideas for summer parties. If I ever get brave enough to have another one I'll try some of these tips.


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Meeting Goals and More Weekend Pictures

So, I met my distance goal!!

I need to calibrate my Nike+ app, its says 7 miles, but its was actually 6. I was worried I wouldn't be able to meet this goal by the end of May but while Willow took her nap yesterday I but a movie in and hopped on the treadmill. No side stitches either! I did walk most of the last mile as a cool down but I'm still proud of myself for these 2 things: I ran and didn't stop for a mile at a time (one of my goals) and I got the distance of 6 miles (another goal). So. There. :)

Saturday morning, bright and early at 7:30, Mandy, Willow, and I met up at a park and went for a run. It is a super hilly park and the stroller has a low tire but we managed a slow 3.5 miles. Willow was great and didn't wine at all and it was good to get some girl time in.

After that we met up with my mom for a bit and Willow gave out some lovin':

I noticed that in my last post some of the pictures were blurry (I uploaded the post from my phone)
So here are some more from the weekend:
Holding a snake!!
making sure daddy has his phone, and teddy bear while sleeping
Josh loves making her Flower tiaras
Fruit Pizza for our cook out on Sunday

I hope everyone had a great, long weekend! We had a cook out Sunday with some friends/family which was really fun. After cleaning, prepping, and running around all weekend I was dead after that long run yesterday. I took a nap and woke up to Willow crawling on me trying to wake me up. Then the rest of the day included eating left overs.

A weekend in pictures

First off, Happy late Memorial Day! And thank you to all those who fought for all us to enjoy our freedoms! :)

A weekend in pictures:

Friday, May 24, 2013

Side Stitches are Annoying

My original title was going to be "Side Stitches are Bitches" but I didn't want to offend anyone in the first sentence.

I got on the treadmill last night shortly after Willow went to bed and everything seemed to be going smooth as it can go in that mess of a garage anyway.

So I'm warming up, and for a short run I usually walk at a fast pace for a .24 mile to .50 a mile. (I did some warm ups in the house before hand as well). So once I finished that, I started an easy jog which went fine for a few minutes.

Then the side stitch came to the party.

I tried. I slowed down to a walk until it went away, then I started to run again. It came back. And I repeated this cycle until I had gone 1.5 miles and I was so frustrated. At that point it wasn't going away so I just stopped completely. Funny thing is, I can do a work out video just fine. Why is this? Its really, REALLY frustrating. (Side Stitches )

So I did this instead:

Tonight will consist of something...not sure what yet. I woke up with a hangover type headache without the drinking. And I've almost lost my voice. Lets just say I'm not 100% :(

At least its Friday, and there is a long weekend ahead. I hope you all enjoy it!

Pictures taken with new phone:

love her so!

I don't know how much I like this by itself. Maybe in a smoothie?

Breakfast- plain greek yogurt, fruit, granola, all drizzled with honey

this cracks me up.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

I'm a Chain-Chewer.

Is it really Her'sday again already??

I don't want to wish my time away or anything, but can we just skip the next 36 or so hours and go straight to 5 pm Friday? Well, we can skip the work hours today, go straight to my Willow time and then skip tomorrow again until 5 pm. Does that make sense?

Okay. So. Weird habits anyone? Anyone have some particular pre or post-run ritual or any habit during the day that may be odd? I'll tell you mine first.

I'm a chain-chewer. I recently realized this. I guess it stems back to my smoking days. If I were stuck in traffic I would get mad and smoke a cigarette. Now I chew about 3 pieces of gum before I make it home. I only noticed this because my jaw hurts from it. I have one of those big packs of gum that fits in your cup holder. Willow thinks its magic when I blow a bubble and pop it, I swear. I need to invest in the whitening gum, might as well put a habit to use right?

So that's my weird habit. I have other habits too, of course. Like copious amounts of coffee in the morning. And running, Duh. Which Will be held on the treadmill tonight. At least I can watch Cinderella 3 while running, since my neighbors were kind enough to loan it to me Willow. (what could get better than a disney movie and running??)

Also, in the past week this happened:

....and so I bought a shiny new Iphone....yay :) The quality of the picture is SO MUCH BETTER. Just so you know. I can't wait to take awesome pictures of the family when we go on vacation with Josh's brother and his wife and their kids! (also, Josh would always rub it in that his iphone takes better pictures than my he can't haha)

What is your habit? 

Iphone or Droid? 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Humidity is Thick in These Parts

Well, I had started a post earlier today but obviously I never saved it. 

So lets try again. Because that's how my day is going today. 

Yesterday I met up with Mandy and we went for a run at The Park. She hadn't been there before so I'm glad she came with me, it was really sunny out so everything was particularly sparkly. 

And humid. 
da mo 2014 Daily motivation (25 photos) 
Seasoned runners, please, explain to me how you don't just keel over when its 80+ degrees and I believe it was somewhere in the 80 to 90% humidity. How do you do that? I'm pretty sure that the public would not appreciate seeing me flap around naked through the park, so how else do you keep cool? I must research this more! Tips? Advice? 

Today is not a run day but it's been an "ehh" day so I think I'll go for one once Willow goes to sleep tonight. But only if that giant hornet has been kind enough to evacuate from the garage. 

 We are having a small cook out this weekend, and I am  trying to think up some easy dishes. Josh pretty much does all the meat-related food, so I handle the sides. Most of the time I end up with a lot of left overs, so I am going to keep it simple, and probably about 4 sides and 1 or 2 deserts. Also, my time is limited. I have to work and clean the house and various other tasks with Willow by (or on) my side. So I'm thinking these:

-pasta salad
-chips and salsa
-buffalo chicken sliders
-baked beans

and for deserts:
-fruit pizza
-cupcakes or brownies

Now, Don't you go and get overly excited about my menu items. I know they seem totally exciting and everything (sarcasm is as thick as the humidity today, know?) . But hey, when the most likely things to be consumed include bbq and beer (basing this on past experience) I'm not going to kill myself over it. Also, limited budgets. I may figure out something a lot tastier than the pasta salad and baked beans, give me a few days on pinterest first, and I'll report back.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Secret Weapon

If you were to have one personal item in your desk at work, what would it be? 

This is mine:

Why? There are many reasons. 1- I have a toddler, so I never know when I might be wearing yogurt on the back of my skirt. 2- I am as messy as a toddler, so I never know when I might be wearing food on the rest of me. 

Seriously though, these are awesome. Just thought I'd share.

I tried the 6 week 6 pack level 1 video last night (you can watch it here ) and its tough. My sides are pretty sore today. I tried extra hard to "suck it in" while doing this last night, I think lately I have been pushing my abdominal muscles out and that is the wrong way. suck. it. in. 

I got home before Josh yesterday (he is working late every day this week so he can be off Friday) so I had a chance to try making something new for dinner. I threw some chicken in a bag with olive oil, grill shakers chicken seasoning blend, and some honey and let it sit in the fridge while I did dishes. Once the oven was preheated to 350 degrees I baked them for about 25-30 minutes. I also made brown rice for myself, chicken pasta side for Willow and Josh, and Steamer's peas and mushrooms for the vegetable. It was pretty good.  Willow especially liked the peas. I think Josh was even impressed with dinner. (He asked me what I made the chicken with and I told him "love. I made them with love." haha)

Anyway, this morning I had to take Willow to the babysitter's early, which meant I was running late to make breakfast and I was early to work. So I picked up breakfast and coffee from Martin's on the way in.

Its starting to bug me to buy breakfast when I have perfectly good food at home. I don't have to buy breakfast/lunch often, usually its because I'm running late leaving the house (like today.). But, it was a pretty delicious breakfast all the same. 

What do you do for food when you are running late? 

PS- Why can I never get mad at Willow for waking me up at 2 am? Despite the fact that when she gets in our bed she kicks me in gut the whole time? Because at some point I always wake up to her staring at me and giving me a kiss. Gotta love toddler moments :)

love her!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Hey Monday, Go Away


I feel like I haven't posted in forever, even though I posted this past Friday.

Hopefully your weekend wasn't filled with rain and clouds like ours was. The yardsale we were supposed to have had to be postponed again because of the weather. Oh well, that gives us more time to find stuff to put in the sale.

The neighbor's had a cook out Saturday afternoon that the rain was nice enough to hold off for. It was still cloudy but not rainy, and the kids enjoyed the mud.

I didn't exercise enough to speak of pretty much all weekend until yesterday (Sunday). So I was off Friday and Saturday from all of it. I ran 3.5 miles yesterday but they were slow, the side/chest pain kept trying to creep up on me. I think I'm not breathing deep enough while running, because when I would breath deep yesterday it wouldn't hurt as bad.

Tried these for the first time Sunday, pretty tasty.
I actually enjoyed the cloudy run!
One day I'll have enough upper body strength to use these
slow run, but better than no run!

I also did some crunchs, planks, side planks, and squats. Then I took two steps backward and made brownies from scratch. But they were so worth it.

I'm going to try one of those Jillian Michael's work out videos tonight if I can get my phone to work. Its been pretty bad ever since I cracked the whole screen all over on Saturday. :(

Oh yea! My REI package of goodies I ordered came in. I will have to take pictures of all the different ways you can wear the Buff head band. It is pretttttttty sweet. So is my collapsable, stainless steel wine glass. hehe

Friday, May 17, 2013

Hitting a Wall?

This picture pretty much describes how I feel today. I went for a run on the treadmill last night and every time I would start running my sides/chest would hurt. 2.36 miles of this plus one of those bees on steriods flying around the garage, I was done. I think I'll take a break tonight and see if it goes better Saturday.

Since my run sucked, I added this afterward: 10 Minute Abs. Also did some squats, lunges and push ups.

Josh was supposed to go do his 6-month check up yesterday but he forgot he's not supposed to eat a few hours before so he has to go back this afternoon. Wish him luck! Those appointments always make me a little edgy, so I can only imagine how he feels. He acts like they don't bother him though, so maybe they dont.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Tomorrow is yard sale day and cook-outs afterward. Hopefully it will be a busy, fun day!

But for now, I need to get back to work!

Thursday, May 16, 2013


I have been wanting some Cracker Jack popcorn ALL WEEK. Every lunch break I have stopped at a different gas station looking for it. No dice.

Today I was at Big Lots looking at their pottery stuff and what is sitting on the shelf in a pot? CRACKER JACK POPCORN

Is it Fate? Yes. Yes it is.

Her'sDay: Excuse Me While I Eat Everything

Happy Her's Day Ladies!

Its going to be Hot Hot Hot in RVA today, I love it! But you know what I don't love? When I want to eat EVERYTHING in sight. 

I usually pack breakfast, lunch, and 3 snacks for while I'm at work. Usually it goes: breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, snack. Then home for dinner. Today, so far, it looks like: breakfast, snack, snack. This pattern will most likely continue through out the day. 

Another thing about pretty weather. That usually means us playing outside and wine coolers...or a beer. 

Looks like this mommy will be running an extra mile tonight, I need to work off some of this pretty weather fun to be had! 

What is your favorite part about this time of year? Is it all the cook outs? The water park/river/beach fun? or is it even getting to run more outside than in the colder months? (OR is it the ice cream truck?)

View at Rockett's Landing

It was so nice seeing Jess last night and meeting some of her many co-workers. This was the view between two of the restaurants. I think a girls day that includes Willow is needed one Saturday or Sunday down here. 

When I got home Willow and Josh were at the neighbors so I went over there and we played and ate dinner and just hung out for a while. I had to make Willow jealous in order to get any kisses or hugs but at least I got them! She's a tough one, LOL!

 After she went to bed I did some (girly) situps, crunches, planks, lunges and squats until I couldn't anymore. Tonight I'm doing an evening run on the treadmill...I guess I need to break out the DVD player from Josh's car! 

Hope you all have a wonderful Her's Day! :)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Another 4 miles! And Other Random Thoughts

Happy Hump Day!


Yesterday's run was a good one when it came to distance. Going just over 4 miles for the second time this month is good for me, and it makes me want to work even harder to get to my 6 mile goal. Even if I run 6 miles just once this month, I'll be happy.

It was a gorgeous day to run in the park. While I was running I started thinking about some thing weird. If trees had eyes, imagine what they've seen over the years. Especially in parks. Did they see a child ride their bike for the first time? Or maybe a first date? A break up?  A birthday celebration, or even a wedding? What do you think?

Tonight I'm meeting up with Jess for a drink after work at a place in Rocket's Landing, I've never been over there but I hear its pretty, right by the water. I'll make sure to take pictures :)

After that I plan on doing some strength training. Maybe that HIIT video from Fitness Blender, it is really tough!
My Big Girl coloring

Anyway, I cannot seem to stop doing stupid things this morning. First, I had not creamer for my coffee. Then I forgot Willow's lunch at home. I confused a sub contractor with a totally different one. And my dress is clinging to my butt. Interestingly enough, if you put hand lotion on to whatever part of your body that your clothing is sticking to it stops the cling. One problem solved.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Hump least that means only 2 days until the weekend!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Exercise Partner and Buff Head Bands?

Happy Tuesday! I mean, its not Monday anymore so it's happy, right?

I didn't do much of a work out last night, I did do some burpees and a 10 minute ab video but it was hard because Willow wanted to sit on the back of my legs while I did the planks. She also likes to sit on my stomach while I'm doing flutter kicks or toe touches which makes it awkward.

After that She and I laid in the  bed with some dry cereal to munch on and we watched tv. I can tell she is getting older because sometimes I can actually get her to sit still and watch tv with me. I love having her with me all the time, but watching tv and vegging out is a nice break and good relaxing bonding :)

We also called my Mom and Willow hogged the phone. I could barely get a sentence in. Willow loves talking to her Grammy on the phone. 

Tonight I am going on a run before heading home, I'm going to use my lunch break to leave early because I'd like to get a longer one done. I can't decide if I'm going to run in the park or in the neighborhood by the park. I like checking out all the houses in the neighborhood though. Plus I tend to go further doing that. 

PS I just ordered some stuff from bought two Buff Head bands. The original one and then the Half Buff. Anyone ever heard of these? They look pretty neat. They are supposed to be able to be used in tons of different ways (head band, scarf, pony tail holder, bandana, ect.). I'll do a post about them when they come in. I am excited about trying them out! 


Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day!

Good Morning!
Happy Mother's Day! My brother, Mom and I

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's day! I have a really cute picture of Willow and I from yesterday...well, I'm trying to get it from Josh's phone but for some reason I can't receive it? I don't know. I'll add it when I finally figure out how to get it.

Watch out, those white legs will blind you!

My Whole World!

We went out to breakfast with his family and then went to REI to see what I could use my gift card I got for Mother's Day on. Not much, that place is expensive! I found some cool stuff online though. (Stainless steel, collapsible wine glass anyone?) Hopefully I'll get to see my wonderful Mom this week, Willow made her some pretty neat presents!

Anyway, after that I cut the back yard because the grass was getting out of hand...someone can't seem to find the time to do it and it was getting taller than Willow! It isn't perfect but boy does it look better!

I ran in the morning before the festivities started, and I got to wear my running skirt! Finally!


This is definitely my new favorite outfit!

Other than that, nothing much else to post on. There are some things bugging me but I don't feel comfortable posting about them. All I know is is that I could use a good run in a new place to clear my head! 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

An afternoon of Toddlers

This morning willow and I enjoyed a breakfast of Apple crisp I made from scratch in the crock pot.
After that we did some sit ups and weights....willow picked up my 4lb weight while I was doing crunches and dropped it on me.

Later her boyfriend...I mean neighbor, came over to play for the afternoon. Two toddlers in one house is definitely a sight. One minute they are sharing the next they are mad at each other. Typical couple.
They had a blast though! After he left I did a YouTube work out that's killer on my puny arms. Its another from those!

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! I'm posting from my phone, hopefully all the pictures showed up!

Friday, May 10, 2013

TGIF to You!

Oh. Thank. Goodness.

Even Willow is happy its Friday
Its Friday.

Do I really need to explain what a relief this is? What a l-o-n-g week. I am beat. Plus, its Mother's Day weekend. This is only my second Mother's Day that I get to celebrate being a mom so its still new to me from this side. I'm not going to lie, any occasion that I get a big breakfast out is a good holiday. I'm looking forward to having a family day as well!

Tomorrow Willow gets to have a play date with her future boyfriend, I mean neighbor, so I'm pretty excited about that as well. It cracks me up to watch them interact. They bicker like an old married couple already, except we have no idea what they are saying to each other.

Yesterday I ran 2.75 miles, nice and slow, but It was good to just get out. It would have been quicker but a lady stopped to talk to me and tell me about a good jogging trail I should try. Another thing I like about running- Nice people!  I would like to run today too but I'm tired and fighting a migraine already. Maybe Willow and I will get up early before I get my oil changed tomorrow morning and go for a quick run. Its a good excuse to wear my new running skirt I haven't gotten to wear yet, right? ;)

I hope everyone has a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!
Photo: Favorite Run
I'm sure we can all agree with this statement.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Her'sday- What to Get Your Mom for Mother's Day

It has been a LONG week.

Don't be surprised when I sprint down the two flights of stairs out of my building Friday at 5 and leave a cloud of dust behind me. Kidding. We all know I can not go that fast!

Funny Mother's Day Ecard: I hope your Mother's Day is more pleasant than labor was.I didn't forget about Her'sday this week! Joy! So, since Mother's day is Sunday lets talk about that. Josh has asked me what I want and I do not know. I was thinking about signing up for a once a week class at the community center doing yoga or zumba. I really don't like yoga though. I like the stretching, but I don't like all the visualizing discussions. I can't relax when someone is telling me to relax or telling me in a creepy calm voice to visualize energy coming out of my finger tips. What Marvel Comic did I end up in here??

I can't wait until Willow is old enough to make a Mother's day present, like a cute little macaroni card or something. Yes, I'm looking forward to that.

Also, I have thoughts on my own Mom's present, but I will not post them because I know she is like the only person that reads this.

What about you? Do you have an active Mom? Here's a list of some cool gear you could show her your appreciation with:

1. Click Protein Shake - What mom on the go wouldn't appreciate breakfast, chocolate, and coffee all in one? With only 120 Calories and 15 grams of protein, is a great way to get through that morning run in the park or the run to the bus stop!

2. Danskin Now Tank Top - These are only $5.96 and they are so comfortable! I have one in purple (and in more colors soon!) and its light and a great material to wear while working out!

3.Love With Food - For $120.00 this is the gift that keeps on giving! Every month for a year a box of gourmet treats will arrive at your mom's door for her to enjoy!

4. Tervis Tumbler - I will admit, I am a little obsessed with these. I don't have a water bottle one yet so I might have to check those out soon. They have cute "Mom" tumblers and a whole bunch of other cute styles and different sizes as well.

5. You could always go with the classic, and make her brunch. But the only way to make that extra awesome is if you clean up the mess in the kitchen afterward. Vacuuming the rest of the house for her wouldn't hurt either. Just Sayin'.

I used my Reward Points from my debit card to order Willow a play laptop. It came in yesterday:


pure love right there

After driving a total of 2.5 hours (estimating) after work yesterday to pick Willow up from a cattle show she was as with her babysitter, I'm pooped. (getting up at 4:30 yesterday morning didn't help) Even though I ran yesterday, I think I could use another run today, just to keep some energy going so I'm going to squeeze one in after work.

Hope you all have a wonderful Her'sday!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Early Morning + Being a Runaway Mommy So Far

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

I slacked yesterday, I didn't post and I didn't run. The babysitter could only watch Willow until 12 so I left work early and we had a mini girls day. Mostly we ran errands but it was still time spent together.

After all that getting in and out of the vehicle I was beat. So stoufers and a salad for dinner it was and then I gave the little one a bath and worked on getting her to go asleep. Which the thunderstorm made that a little difficult. We tried having her in our bed for a while but I like my kidneys kick free while I'm trying to sleep.

Anyway, We had to get up around 4:30 this morning. Willow's babysitter is going out of town for the day for something with her kids (I think its a fair type thing, her kids have to show their cows they raise) and she said she could still take Willow for the day. Hopefully they won't get back too late.

I got Willow ready and Josh left to take her to the sitter's (Which, btw, is the first time he's ever done that )  so I went for a quick run. I ran 2.58 miles in about 27 minutes. That included my warm up, I was short on time this morning.

I was reading a few of my first posts from a couple months ago and I can see my improvement. The main reason why I started this blog was to be able to see how far I've come. When I first started my absolute long run was 2.5 miles. Now that's the shortest distance I will let myself go. I'm a little faster, and I wouldn't say running is easy. Breathing while running is getting better and I'm testing distances/speeds/new areas to run.

 Since I've started running I feel like I'm finding myself again. After having Willow I let my role become mainly "mom", which I'm not saying is a bad thing, but its healthiest to have something of your own too. Its healthiest for everyone. You realize that you can be a mom and be you at the same time, you don't have to give up one for the other.

Also, its great to see your little girl sit up in the jogging stroller and yell "Go, Go, Go!"
Best. Cheerleader. Ever.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Some Days are Good, Some are Not

Happy Monday! (If that is possible. I am wearing clothes that don't match, no time for make up, but plenty of time for Mommy Guilt)

Friday was a great run. I finished the first 3 miles in just a few seconds past 30 minutes. Which would be the fastest for that distance for me so far. I completed 3.52 miles in 36.31. Not bad for me.
Friday's Run

Saturday was busy, we went to a birthday party, visited my dad at an event he was helping at, and had a fish fry Saturday night with friends and family. Yesterday we went to "Arts in the Park" which was fun. Its a big outdoor art show. It was really neat seeing all the different stuff but man it was expensive!

Photo: Afternoon run
I ran 3 miles yesterday but it didn't seem as great as Friday's run. Its funny how some days you feel like you are awesome and can do anything and then two days later you are surprised you even made it to the end of the street without keeling over. I also learned not to push buttons on my Garmin watch yesterday, It stopped tracking my run after about a mile and I couldn't figure out how to resume so I had to start a new "run" on it.

Also, I cannot find a good water bottle to run with. I love my "color me rad" bottle but its 32 oz, and I need something small and hand held I can carry when I'm running (like an 8 oz bottle). The two I've tried leak all over me and it is really frustrating! Any suggestions??

Hope everyone has a great day! Since I also did way too many side crunches my sides are sore along with my calves, so tonight is my rest night!

Willow and her cousin Carter