Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Saturday = Girls Day.

It was the first Girl's Day that didn't involve Willow since...she was born, I think. Jessi H is getting married this Friday so we went to Colonial Beach for the night. We went to a 25,000 square foot antique mall and did about 3 miles of walking Saturday. We also went to a winery (a first for both of us! It's important to know how to make a proper sangria), and went to a kind of Tiki Bar to see a band.

So, this is kind of embarrassing, but I always thought sangria was just any kind of wine mixed with fruit and ginger-ale. Nope. Turns out the proper wine to use is Port. I'm not a big fan of the stuff, its a little strong tasting for me, but turns out it is perfect for sangria. Oak Crest Winery in King George, VA has a free wine tasting which was nice. It seems like a small winery but most of their wines were really good. There was one called Hot Jazz that had jalapeƱo juices in it. It would be awesome for cooking, not so much for drinking.

The hotel we stayed at has just been remodeled at the start of the summer, and it was right at the beach. It was a clean hotel but nothing fancy, but when you are coming from Bumpass that is not something required! The staff was nice though, and the rates were very reasonable. We stayed at Rivers Edge Inn.

I didn't know this, but Jessi H pointed out that the "sand" (aka pebbles) is where VA stops and Maryland ends. We ate nachos at a casino that was right over the water so technically we ate them in Maryland. That, for some reason was quite entertaining to us.

We had a great time, and it was nice to get out and go somewhere new.

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