Thursday, October 17, 2013

Another Month Has Gone By (Bye)

Wow, did that month just fly by or what?

It has not been a great October so far.

I have been suffering from back aches for a few weeks (months) and since I now have insurance I got to find out why. I have a uti...great. Just what I needed. Apparently avoiding the bathrooms all day while out chasing a two year old is a no-no. Seriously, have you ever tried peeing in a public stall while keeping a toddler from touching everything and peeking under the stall at the next person over? I'll hold it, thanks. (I mean I did hold it. I guess I just have to bring a leash for bathroom trips now.)

Anyway. I also ran into the back of someone else's car in morning traffic. How's their car? fine. Just a scratch. I'm thankful for that. She had a kid in the back seat but they were both okay. How's my car? um....not so great. Luckily I have a great Mom and brother, and Josh's Dad has been a  bigger help than he probably even knows. It was a stupid accident. Luckily Willow wasn't with me, and no one was hurt (except my pride). And I realized what a great support system I have.

I'm driving a manual mom found for a great deal (again, thank you mom!). I am not great...or good, with a 5-speed. But I actually kind of like it. Driving is when I do my thinking for the day so driving a manual keeps me focused on the road instead of what's going through my head. Which is probably a good thing, after the latest events.

 A co worker passed suddenly last week, which has kept the office quieter than usual.  She is definitely missed.

On to fitness updates...................................................................................................................

I am still going to the gym about 3 times during the work week and at least a good run on the weekends. Going to the gym on my lunch break is definitely better than nothing, but I miss those few afternoon runs after work. I didn't feel as rushed, and it was fresh air. Now I can barely get one gym session or run in after work during the week without it being a problem some way or another. And I'm too drained to butt heads about it lately. I blame the uti for making me feel so tired and sore.

I am looking for an upcoming 10k to train for.  I am going to push myself and not let anyone tell me I can't. As fast as Willow is, I should just get her to train with me! Kidding, but seriously, she's fast. Maybe in a few years?
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