Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Just keep Swimming

I was hoping by now that I could at least be in the running (get it?) for a 10k. I was hoping that I could run 6 miles NBD by now. I thought. I hoped. Life (obviously) isn't about all that I want or hoping or thought though.
I've been having a nagging lower back ache for a while now, it wasn't enough for me to go to the doctor about it. Then it turned into spasms and now it hurts to bend over. Then on top of that, Sunday the pain spread to my lower abdomen. It has gone from them thinking its a UTI, to a Pinched Nerve, to a Ovarian Cyst. It could still be a combo of the last two. All I know is that it is effecting my daily life and my routine, and I'm not used to hurting all the time. Its making me so angry! (not going to the gym is also not helping with my mood)
It doesn't help either that it costs money to go to the doctor or to the ER. And to go to those doctor appointments costs me time at work which being paid hourly means its costs me money. Oh yea, and its the holidays which also puts a dent into my dwindling bank account. I'm already struggling, and I guess its getting to me. You could say this is a vent post.
Anyway, I decided today that I'll take Dory's advice and "Just keep swimming." Leaving work early to go crawl up into a ball at home isn't going to help. That only makes things worse. I've been falling behind on everything lately, the house, work, school, all because of whatever is wrong with my back/abdomen. I'm just going to have to grin and bear it (or bare?), and hope it will dissipate eventually.
I am going to meet my advisor at Mary Baldwin College on my lunch break to enroll in classes for the Spring. I'm looking forward to that. Friday I go to the doctor again, so until then I'm taking it easy on the workouts.  I hope everyone is enjoying their fall weather runs!

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