Wednesday, July 17, 2013

3 More Days

What day is it?
Come on, you know.


The commercial with the camel reminds me every time.

So including today, there are 3 days until Willow's birthday party.


I kind of feel prepared, and then I kind of don't. Like, I have all the paper plates, napkins, utencils, cups. All the stuff you use to eat food, but not the food. Thank goodness for my mom who ordered the cake. Now I just have to get all the side dishes and Josh is handling the grill. Also, I need to get one of those big tubs of ice cream but I'm not sure where I'm going to put it since I can't even fit a hot pocket in our freezer at the moment. Hmmm

So with everything going on, on top of daily life, its been busy. Mostly busy by me stressing out and not getting much done. The thing about that is: 1. I can't really get down and clean the house until the night before/ morning of because little people (and big people) that don't put things back and track things in. So other than catching up on laundry/dishes and other things, I'm not doing the major yet. 2. Living from paycheck to paycheck (like most Americans) I am waiting until payday to get the rest of what I need.

Josh is cleaning up the outside, but I will probably end up helping- a little- with that.

Anyway, I've been squeezing in sit ups, planks, push ups and the like. At least 20 minutes a day. squats and lunges too.

I cannot wait to run again. How do you run in this heat? I know they say dress like its 20 degrees warmer, but when its in the mid 90's outside, what am I supposed to do? I'm pretty sure no one wants to see me run naked. There's a lot of jiggling action there. Do you run in the morning? at night? On a treadmill in the glorious AC? I cannot wait to join the gym Friday. You better believe I'm going there Sunday!

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