Monday, July 15, 2013

Heat Wave, Banana Icecream, and a New Room

That's not even the high...that's just right now! its supposed to feel like 102 today!
Monday, again, already?

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Mine was busy! We went to the Hanover Tomato Festival on Saturday and I counted carrying Willow (26 lbs) around for a few hours while walking as my exercise for the day. After that we met Josh and went to a surprise party for Josh's friend (tons of cute little kids, Willow made some new friends!) and then headed home.

she was so excited!

love that smile!

Sweet Frog....

Yesterday Mom came over and we put up the chalk board and a mirror we painted in Willow's room. While willow napped we ate some caramel popcorn and watched some trash tv :)

Later my brother and his fiancé came by and we set up her toddler bed that they gave us. Willow wanted to do her version of took a little longer than expected. I also managed to force my brother into helping me take down the crib with a knife screwdriver. Thanks Joefish and Kat :)

her play area, still needs a few finishing touches

I got the rug off for about $32! I want to paint the bed white eventually
I'm pretty sure she was satisfied with the change:

*tear* big girl

I tried that "frozen banana into ice cream" trick last night. I blended the frozen banana and then added peanut butter and chocolate syrup. It turned out pretty good.

kind of a soft serve texture
Anyway, I've been slacking on running because of my schedule and the heat. I know, no excuses. So I'm joining the YMCA on Friday. I'm also getting Willow a membership so we can play in the pool after I work out!

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