Friday, July 12, 2013

Breath Your ABC's

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This would have been helpful to know yesterday on my run. My exact thoughts while running where "I could go a lot faster if I could breath!"

It might help if I ran a few more days per week too....just sayin'.

After my 5k run I picked up Willow and we got our  free 7/11 slurpees. It was our lucky day because they ran out of the sample size cups so we got free 16 oz ones. I asked the lady who was filling them to only fill it about a third of the way, and mine a little over half. By the time we got to the car Willow's was already gone. Her eye filled up with tears and looked into her empty cup and I couldn't say no to that face. So she had both slurpees.

I had bought a brownie while we were in there so no huge loss for me.

She was sticky and stinky from her activities of the day, she went to a agricultural fair with her sitter and her family and made a mess with her treats in the back of my car, so she got a bath as soon as we made it home. She must have been waiting for Josh to come home before she went to bed because she instantly got sleepy as soon as she was in his arms. I guess she wanted to make sure she saw him.

I'm glad I went running yesterday because it was POURING out this morning and it doesn't look like the clouds will clear up anytime soon. Maybe some yoga tonight? I should have done that this morning but when it rains I can't find any energy except for the energy to stuff my face with food.

Also, why does have to show such cool things on sale when I'm broke? I just paid my personal property taxes and I was browsing on their site and saw these two things:

1. Growth Chart - To show off how tall my baby toddler is

2. Preschool Prep Set - Lets jump start that learning power!

So, if you were wondering what to get her....hint hint ;)

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