Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Carbs are tasty

Blah, Another rainy day!

Yesterday it was hot and humid. I did a short 2.52 miles before keeling over next to my car. At least I keeled over looking semi-cute in my orange running skirt ;)

I've been on a "running only" kick when it comes to exercising. I just don't feel like following a work out video. I am going to have to find a poster or something to follow instead...that way I don't realize how unbelievably slow and out of shape I am. Maybe something like this:

da mo 424 Daily motivation (25 photos)
Except I don't know what a hip abduction is or a saddle bag buster. I guess I could google those.

Oh hey, have I mentioned I am craving carbs...like a lot...lately?

I do that, often. Don't Judge me.

I actually am wondering if the carb cravings and the lightheadedness I've been getting on my past few runs are related?

Well I'm off to do work. Hope your day is sunny!

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