Thursday, June 6, 2013

Little Friday, YAY

how creepy is this?

Hey, guess what?

Its Little Friday!

Yesterday's run was good, we are still getting used to the muggy weather though. We went just over a 5k distance through the park.

 I hope everyone enjoyed National Running Day and used it as an excuse to get a run in!

After that I went home and tended to a cranky toddler. Then we went over to the neighbors and ate dinner and drank some all  the wine between us (mommy juice :)

Did I mention how cute Willow is? Here she is playing on Josh's boat:

Also, I am thinking of going by Marshall's or TJMaxx for some new running skirts/tops. I only have one running skirt and I'm pretty sure I need more. I wish they made them in Willow's size and we could match haha. Josh thinks I'm being weird when I want her and I to match. I think it just makes us the coolest mother/daughter team everrrr.

What did you do for National Running Day?

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