Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend Review

The view of my run on Friday, running down our road. If only our grass was cut like that.

Hope everyone had a great Father's Day yesterday! It was a busy weekend for me. Saturday I took my Dad and Willow out to Waffle House for breakfast:
the nice waitress gave her a hat...she was not impressed lol
Then Willow and I ran some errands. We went by Green Top Sporting Goods and got Josh a gift card to go with his new Salt Life shirt. He would have been proud, Willow really wanted to take home a Disney princess fishing rod.

We went to our neighbor's birthday party Saturday afternoon where they played and I ate three pieces of birthday cake (After telling Josh this yesterday and explaining that I just can't control myself around cake, what do you think he did? He bought 4 boxes of cake mix and icing while at the grocery store. Psh.) The kids were all so cute, its awesome to have neighbors that Willow (and I) can play with.

We also stopped by my brother's house and he got some hugs from his niece:

Yesterday we got to see Josh's Dad and Step-Mom. Josh cooked up some Striper for them and it was awesome. I wish we got to hang out with them more often, I like family time. Willow got to play in the pool and she got TONS of new clothes and some adorable crocs.

We stopped by my brother's house again last night, he and his Fiance cooked an awesome Father's Day dinner, where I again ate too much dessert :)

I ran 3.47 miles yesterday. I did a dumb move and ran around 11 am, and it was 81 degrees out. I'm not gonna lie, I speed walked the last half mile.

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