Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Funnies

I thought I'd start my Friday post off with a laugh :)

Yesterday there was a crazy storm but luckily where I live it didn't do much damage and it didn't last long. It was over before I left work, it was still raining though.

It brought in a cold front so now its about 75 degrees outside and that is my definition of PERFECT running temperature. I doubt I'll get to run outside after work since Josh won't be home again, I'll probably run on the treadmill once Willow goes to bed. If it works out like that, maybe I'll rent a movie and make it a long run....

Last night I didn't do any kind of particular work out. I'm still trying to be mindful of my back. I did do about 40 squats, 2 reps of 12 girly-push ups, about 80 crunches, some of those scissor crunch things, side planks, and regular planks. Also, I danced around the house trying to make Willow laugh. That counts, right?

Saw this on my way to meet mom at was really needed to see, for me.

What is everyone doing for father's day? I ordered Josh something, it should be in today, and then I'll stop and get him a gift card tomorrow.

Tomorrow I'm taking dad and Willow to breakfast, then our neighbor's son is having his 2nd birthday and I'm sure the kids will have a blast!


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