Friday, June 21, 2013

Hey Friday, Who Wants To Do This With Me?

I think my title explains my day well. 3 more hours to go and its mini-vacation time! I'M SO EXCITED!

There will be many firsts by just going:
-First family vacation
-First vacation (for me) with Josh's side of the family
-First time Willow will see the beach
-First time going on vacation at a beach house instead of a hotel/camping
-I think its the first time Willow has ever been out of state!

And I'm sure there will be a lot more firsts (and awesome seconds). Josh's brother and SIL, AKA Troy and Kristie are great to be around (Kristie cracks me up!) and their kids are so well behaved. It will be a blast for sure!

Onto running stuff...I will either go for a long run tonight or in the morning before we leave. I think if I do one in the morning I'll be in a better mood on the drive down there.

I think I'll do this tonight, in the midst of packing:

da mo 015 Daily motivation (25 photos)

I found this on ....who wants to do it with me? I definitely think this is worth throwing in a routine!

Worn out from playing with her cousins all day

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