Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I'm a Slacker with Sausage Fingers

I'm writing this post while on hold with "Genie in a Bottle" by Christina Agulleria playing in my ear. The joys of making business calls, huh?

Lets catch up, shall we?

Saturday we woke up early and did the yard sale thing, that went well. We had a blast spending the night and playing with Willow's cousins and Kristie and Troy :). Willow and I shared a twin size bed Friday night (she had a little trouble staying asleep in the pack n play), so we were exhausted Saturday afternoon. (PS, don't share a twin size bed with toddlers. They fall out.)

I can't remember exactly if I did any work outs, so I'm going to say nothing substantial. Probably sit ups and stuff like that. 

Sunday I ran 4 miles in Goochland, it was a nice change up. I'd like to do that one again soon. I figured if I did 2 laps around the track (.50 mile) for a warm up, then ran all the way to the end of town (its a small town, FYI) and back, plus another 2 laps as a cool down on the track, it added up to 4 miles. My Garmin agreed. 

Yesterday I ran 2.5 miles then walked some on the treadmill. I was watching Hitch, so it kept me on longer. My left knee was a little achy though. I'm wondering what that is about.

When I went Sunday, it was around 8:30-9 in the morning, but it was still hot (I think it was in the high 70's already?). When I got done my fingers felt weird, like numb-tingly but not quite numb. Then I noticed My hands were swollen (sausage fingers). It freaked me out a little so I (of course) googled it:

Swelling after running 
To summarize: 
" It's common for runners to have swollen fingers and toes after a long run, especially when running in warm weather." 
This can be caused by:
-electrolyte imbalance
-hyponatremia (caused by drinking too much water) 
-increased blood flow while running, and "excess fluid may accumulate in your hands and feet it has to travel against gravity."

 Have you ever experienced swelling? With the warm weather approaching fast, its important to maintain that healthy balance between electrolytes and fluids. Pick up a Gatorade G2 or similar low-calorie sports drink to have handy, particularly on hot days. I started keeping a 8 pack in my car (even when they are not cold, they are still great to have handy!) 
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