Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Good and The Bad

The bad- I ate too much ice cream last night and didn't feel like running afterward
The good- I made myself get up and go for a 2.40 mile run this morning

You win some, you loose some.    featured

The only thing about running first thing in the morning is that I'm starving the rest of the day. I have already eaten yogurt, a banana, some watermelon, a bag of The Habit Mix (trailmix from Wawa) and 3 cups of coffee. Its not even 10 yet!

Maybe, if I'm lucky, I can get another two miles in tonight once Willow is asleep. I don't know though. I have to do some more never-ending-cleaning before we leave Saturday.

Willow gets to spend the day with her Aunt Kat and cousins Lucas and Gabriel (twin boys, they are pretty cute!) She will probably be pretty pooped out when I get home this evening.

Bandit (our dog) is hanging out with his Aunt Kristie and Uncle Troy today, he's getting pampered before vacation...and de-skunked. It was a long, stinky ride into work this morning...

Well, I'm full of food now so I guess I'll go walk around the office... :)

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