Monday, June 10, 2013

I Look A Hot Mess Today

Good Morning!

I forgot to put on real shoes this morning, I'm still sporting my rubber flip flops at work. My nail polish is also chipped like crazy and my side hurts. Happy Monday, right?

I guess its at least a positive that my chest isn't hurting anymore. This morning while I was making Willow's lunch I kept having to stop to sit down because my chest hurt so bad I though I was going to pass out. I know, I need to go to the doctor. I'll go Saturday when my craptastic insurance kicks in.

I hadn't ran since Wednesday of last week so I gave it a go yesterday during Willow's nap. I managed a little over 2.50 miles at a slow run pace, then did some walking afterward. My back felt amazing after that, I don't know what that's about. It hurts to pick Willow up, it hurts to sit, it hurts to lay down and it hurts to do any kind of floor exercises. But running? nope, no real pain to speak of.

Its been one thunderstorm/down pour after another around here for the past few days. This happened right after one (also, it was right after I gave her a bath):

Bumpass Pool

Saturday morning we went to a local bridal store with Jessi H, and she picked out a beautiful dress for her big day. I really think that dress was made for her. After that Willow and I met up with mom and went thrift store shopping. I got about 5 new outfits for 20 bucks. Macklemore would be proud.
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Some more cute pictures:

Hope you all have an amazing day! I haven't had my breakfast yet and its almost 9! Blasphemy!

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