Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Another 4 miles! And Other Random Thoughts

Happy Hump Day!


Yesterday's run was a good one when it came to distance. Going just over 4 miles for the second time this month is good for me, and it makes me want to work even harder to get to my 6 mile goal. Even if I run 6 miles just once this month, I'll be happy.

It was a gorgeous day to run in the park. While I was running I started thinking about some thing weird. If trees had eyes, imagine what they've seen over the years. Especially in parks. Did they see a child ride their bike for the first time? Or maybe a first date? A break up?  A birthday celebration, or even a wedding? What do you think?

Tonight I'm meeting up with Jess for a drink after work at a place in Rocket's Landing, I've never been over there but I hear its pretty, right by the water. I'll make sure to take pictures :)

After that I plan on doing some strength training. Maybe that HIIT video from Fitness Blender, it is really tough!
My Big Girl coloring

Anyway, I cannot seem to stop doing stupid things this morning. First, I had not creamer for my coffee. Then I forgot Willow's lunch at home. I confused a sub contractor with a totally different one. And my dress is clinging to my butt. Interestingly enough, if you put hand lotion on to whatever part of your body that your clothing is sticking to it stops the cling. One problem solved.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Hump least that means only 2 days until the weekend!

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