Monday, May 6, 2013

Some Days are Good, Some are Not

Happy Monday! (If that is possible. I am wearing clothes that don't match, no time for make up, but plenty of time for Mommy Guilt)

Friday was a great run. I finished the first 3 miles in just a few seconds past 30 minutes. Which would be the fastest for that distance for me so far. I completed 3.52 miles in 36.31. Not bad for me.
Friday's Run

Saturday was busy, we went to a birthday party, visited my dad at an event he was helping at, and had a fish fry Saturday night with friends and family. Yesterday we went to "Arts in the Park" which was fun. Its a big outdoor art show. It was really neat seeing all the different stuff but man it was expensive!

Photo: Afternoon run
I ran 3 miles yesterday but it didn't seem as great as Friday's run. Its funny how some days you feel like you are awesome and can do anything and then two days later you are surprised you even made it to the end of the street without keeling over. I also learned not to push buttons on my Garmin watch yesterday, It stopped tracking my run after about a mile and I couldn't figure out how to resume so I had to start a new "run" on it.

Also, I cannot find a good water bottle to run with. I love my "color me rad" bottle but its 32 oz, and I need something small and hand held I can carry when I'm running (like an 8 oz bottle). The two I've tried leak all over me and it is really frustrating! Any suggestions??

Hope everyone has a great day! Since I also did way too many side crunches my sides are sore along with my calves, so tonight is my rest night!

Willow and her cousin Carter

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