Thursday, May 2, 2013


Truth Time:

1.) I'm wearing a dress for the 3rd day in a row. Why? Because I don't feel like wearing pants. A dress is really just a long shirt  (or public night gown) and who wants to wear pants anyway?

Its funny because a lot of times wearing a dress makes you look "nicer" but guess what? Wearing pants takes a lot more effort...for me anyway.

2.) Willow can do magic tricks. She gave me a hug yesterday while she was eating a lollipop and when she was done hugging me I noticed the lollipop was gone. POOF.

It was stuck to the back of my head.

3.) Lastly. I think people just figured out that when I say "I started that yesterday" (like a task) what I really meant to say was "I saw it. I may have picked it up. But only to put it out of view."

I'd get around to it the next day. Just not "yesterday" when I "started" it.

Truth time is over.


Since I ran yesterday morning, I didn't do much of anything last night. Some sit ups, but other than that I finished off the brownies (Josh never even had a chance at them) and made dinner. I did clean the kitchen and hallway floor, which can be pretty laborious. Then I had some cheddar biscuits my favorite neighbor made. I still have some, they'll be devoured when I get home tonight....after I do a very intensive work out video via Youtube.

What is your favorite baked food? If it has chocolate or cheese, count me in please!

I'm swamped at work, but I just wanted to share my hump day thoughts.

Enjoy your day!

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