Thursday, May 9, 2013

Her'sday- What to Get Your Mom for Mother's Day

It has been a LONG week.

Don't be surprised when I sprint down the two flights of stairs out of my building Friday at 5 and leave a cloud of dust behind me. Kidding. We all know I can not go that fast!

Funny Mother's Day Ecard: I hope your Mother's Day is more pleasant than labor was.I didn't forget about Her'sday this week! Joy! So, since Mother's day is Sunday lets talk about that. Josh has asked me what I want and I do not know. I was thinking about signing up for a once a week class at the community center doing yoga or zumba. I really don't like yoga though. I like the stretching, but I don't like all the visualizing discussions. I can't relax when someone is telling me to relax or telling me in a creepy calm voice to visualize energy coming out of my finger tips. What Marvel Comic did I end up in here??

I can't wait until Willow is old enough to make a Mother's day present, like a cute little macaroni card or something. Yes, I'm looking forward to that.

Also, I have thoughts on my own Mom's present, but I will not post them because I know she is like the only person that reads this.

What about you? Do you have an active Mom? Here's a list of some cool gear you could show her your appreciation with:

1. Click Protein Shake - What mom on the go wouldn't appreciate breakfast, chocolate, and coffee all in one? With only 120 Calories and 15 grams of protein, is a great way to get through that morning run in the park or the run to the bus stop!

2. Danskin Now Tank Top - These are only $5.96 and they are so comfortable! I have one in purple (and in more colors soon!) and its light and a great material to wear while working out!

3.Love With Food - For $120.00 this is the gift that keeps on giving! Every month for a year a box of gourmet treats will arrive at your mom's door for her to enjoy!

4. Tervis Tumbler - I will admit, I am a little obsessed with these. I don't have a water bottle one yet so I might have to check those out soon. They have cute "Mom" tumblers and a whole bunch of other cute styles and different sizes as well.

5. You could always go with the classic, and make her brunch. But the only way to make that extra awesome is if you clean up the mess in the kitchen afterward. Vacuuming the rest of the house for her wouldn't hurt either. Just Sayin'.

I used my Reward Points from my debit card to order Willow a play laptop. It came in yesterday:


pure love right there

After driving a total of 2.5 hours (estimating) after work yesterday to pick Willow up from a cattle show she was as with her babysitter, I'm pooped. (getting up at 4:30 yesterday morning didn't help) Even though I ran yesterday, I think I could use another run today, just to keep some energy going so I'm going to squeeze one in after work.

Hope you all have a wonderful Her'sday!

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