Friday, May 24, 2013

Side Stitches are Annoying

My original title was going to be "Side Stitches are Bitches" but I didn't want to offend anyone in the first sentence.

I got on the treadmill last night shortly after Willow went to bed and everything seemed to be going smooth as it can go in that mess of a garage anyway.

So I'm warming up, and for a short run I usually walk at a fast pace for a .24 mile to .50 a mile. (I did some warm ups in the house before hand as well). So once I finished that, I started an easy jog which went fine for a few minutes.

Then the side stitch came to the party.

I tried. I slowed down to a walk until it went away, then I started to run again. It came back. And I repeated this cycle until I had gone 1.5 miles and I was so frustrated. At that point it wasn't going away so I just stopped completely. Funny thing is, I can do a work out video just fine. Why is this? Its really, REALLY frustrating. (Side Stitches )

So I did this instead:

Tonight will consist of something...not sure what yet. I woke up with a hangover type headache without the drinking. And I've almost lost my voice. Lets just say I'm not 100% :(

At least its Friday, and there is a long weekend ahead. I hope you all enjoy it!

Pictures taken with new phone:

love her so!

I don't know how much I like this by itself. Maybe in a smoothie?

Breakfast- plain greek yogurt, fruit, granola, all drizzled with honey

this cracks me up.

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