Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Exercise Partner and Buff Head Bands?

Happy Tuesday! I mean, its not Monday anymore so it's happy, right?

I didn't do much of a work out last night, I did do some burpees and a 10 minute ab video but it was hard because Willow wanted to sit on the back of my legs while I did the planks. She also likes to sit on my stomach while I'm doing flutter kicks or toe touches which makes it awkward.

After that She and I laid in the  bed with some dry cereal to munch on and we watched tv. I can tell she is getting older because sometimes I can actually get her to sit still and watch tv with me. I love having her with me all the time, but watching tv and vegging out is a nice break and good relaxing bonding :)

We also called my Mom and Willow hogged the phone. I could barely get a sentence in. Willow loves talking to her Grammy on the phone. 

Tonight I am going on a run before heading home, I'm going to use my lunch break to leave early because I'd like to get a longer one done. I can't decide if I'm going to run in the park or in the neighborhood by the park. I like checking out all the houses in the neighborhood though. Plus I tend to go further doing that. 

PS I just ordered some stuff from REI.com...I bought two Buff Head bands. The original one and then the Half Buff. Anyone ever heard of these? They look pretty neat. They are supposed to be able to be used in tons of different ways (head band, scarf, pony tail holder, bandana, ect.). I'll do a post about them when they come in. I am excited about trying them out! 


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