Thursday, May 23, 2013

I'm a Chain-Chewer.

Is it really Her'sday again already??

I don't want to wish my time away or anything, but can we just skip the next 36 or so hours and go straight to 5 pm Friday? Well, we can skip the work hours today, go straight to my Willow time and then skip tomorrow again until 5 pm. Does that make sense?

Okay. So. Weird habits anyone? Anyone have some particular pre or post-run ritual or any habit during the day that may be odd? I'll tell you mine first.

I'm a chain-chewer. I recently realized this. I guess it stems back to my smoking days. If I were stuck in traffic I would get mad and smoke a cigarette. Now I chew about 3 pieces of gum before I make it home. I only noticed this because my jaw hurts from it. I have one of those big packs of gum that fits in your cup holder. Willow thinks its magic when I blow a bubble and pop it, I swear. I need to invest in the whitening gum, might as well put a habit to use right?

So that's my weird habit. I have other habits too, of course. Like copious amounts of coffee in the morning. And running, Duh. Which Will be held on the treadmill tonight. At least I can watch Cinderella 3 while running, since my neighbors were kind enough to loan it to me Willow. (what could get better than a disney movie and running??)

Also, in the past week this happened:

....and so I bought a shiny new Iphone....yay :) The quality of the picture is SO MUCH BETTER. Just so you know. I can't wait to take awesome pictures of the family when we go on vacation with Josh's brother and his wife and their kids! (also, Josh would always rub it in that his iphone takes better pictures than my he can't haha)

What is your habit? 

Iphone or Droid? 

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