Friday, May 3, 2013

Her'sday Recap and a Lunch Break Run

Oh My Goodness!

I forgot about Her'sday! I was so busy yesterday that it totally went over my head. So just to do a quick re-cap for Her'sday:

Missed her!
After work I met up with the bestie at our favorite watering hole, Major Willy's,  for a a drink (or two) and some crab and shrimp dip. That place is awesome, we always have a great time there! It wasn't busy either, not counting Jess and I there were two other ladies at the other end of the bar, and that was it. The people there are so polite and funny! Our favorite bartender was not there this time, which I was definitely looking forward to saying hi to her!

I hadn't seen Jess in a few weeks, so we had catching up to do and she also had a bag of goodies for me for my birthday. She always knows just what to get me, in drinks and in gifts haha. Its like she can read my mind!

Anyway, after girl time I headed home and played with miss Willow for a bit before bath and bedtime. She stayed up later than normal and didn't want to wake up this morning, its really hard to come to work when you have a snugly toddler at home.

I'm taking a late lunch break this afternoon so I can get a run in with out getting home too late. I really enjoy running in the neighborhoods around my job, I love looking at the cute houses. It keeps my mind off how far I've ran and it also gives me good ideas for our yard. Or....what I wish I could do to our yard. 

I need to make sure I get in a good stretch, the back of my thighs are really sore and tight (I've been doing squats all week!). I've been wanting to do some yoga to loosen up but haven't gotten a chance to this week. Maybe tomorrow morning!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Its supposed to cool down some next week...get your jackets ready!

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