Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Humidity is Thick in These Parts

Well, I had started a post earlier today but obviously I never saved it. 

So lets try again. Because that's how my day is going today. 

Yesterday I met up with Mandy and we went for a run at The Park. She hadn't been there before so I'm glad she came with me, it was really sunny out so everything was particularly sparkly. 

And humid. 
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Seasoned runners, please, explain to me how you don't just keel over when its 80+ degrees and I believe it was somewhere in the 80 to 90% humidity. How do you do that? I'm pretty sure that the public would not appreciate seeing me flap around naked through the park, so how else do you keep cool? I must research this more! Tips? Advice? 

Today is not a run day but it's been an "ehh" day so I think I'll go for one once Willow goes to sleep tonight. But only if that giant hornet has been kind enough to evacuate from the garage. 

 We are having a small cook out this weekend, and I am  trying to think up some easy dishes. Josh pretty much does all the meat-related food, so I handle the sides. Most of the time I end up with a lot of left overs, so I am going to keep it simple, and probably about 4 sides and 1 or 2 deserts. Also, my time is limited. I have to work and clean the house and various other tasks with Willow by (or on) my side. So I'm thinking these:

-pasta salad
-chips and salsa
-buffalo chicken sliders
-baked beans

and for deserts:
-fruit pizza
-cupcakes or brownies

Now, Don't you go and get overly excited about my menu items. I know they seem totally exciting and everything (sarcasm is as thick as the humidity today, know?) . But hey, when the most likely things to be consumed include bbq and beer (basing this on past experience) I'm not going to kill myself over it. Also, limited budgets. I may figure out something a lot tastier than the pasta salad and baked beans, give me a few days on pinterest first, and I'll report back.

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