Monday, March 11, 2013

Cranky Monday

Want to know why I started running? I feel stuck. Stuck everywhere else in my life and its the one time no one can tell me I am doing something the wrong way or even talk to me. There are no words, only thoughts. And I like that. Its a quiet break from everything else that is just sitting.

For the most part, most days, I enjoy my everyday life. I love watching my daughter grow up and my job is good with people I like to work with. I have accomplished things like quiting smoking and I've gotten some college courses under my belt. But there are some days that I get restless and angry, mostly because my life didn't quite turn out the way I expected to. That doesn't necessarily mean its bad, its just not what I expected. Some ways its better, in some ways its not.

When I run I feel like I am experiencing something new everytime. Especially outside, I get to see other people going about their lives, I get to enjoy nature in different elements and even enjoy time with our dog (who I think feels a little left out since Willow was born).

Hopefully one day when Willow is old enough she will want to be active with me, I know she loves being outside already and she is pretty speedy so I think its a good possibility. But for now, I'm enjoying the silence of the run.


The weekend was mostly filled with play time. I went for a 3 mile run on the treadmill while willow took a nap and then we had a play date with a friend of mine and her daughter who is around Willow's age.

Saturday we left early and went into town. We did some shoping at target (duh), played at the mall play area with her Grammy (AKA my Mom) and then we went to Battlefield park with my bestie Jessica to play at the playground and go for a walk.

It was a nice, sunny weekend! I swear it seemed shorter than usual, and more than just the hour we lost!

Also- I returned that pair of tights with the skirt attached. It seemed to get looser the more you wore them and I really don't have a butt as it is to hold up pants!

Pictures from Battlefield Park, Willow loves the swing! (if you look hard enough, you can tell she doesn't have any socks on. She did that right before we got there. I don't know why she insists on not wearing any socks)

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