Monday, March 25, 2013

Rebuild Richmond 5k

Monday should be "Mandatory Irish-Coffee Day"

Please tell me why its snowing in the last week of March?

Ride in to work

At least the ride into work was doable. Our power went out right as I was getting ready this morning, almost lost my Willow in the dark! Then she stole my flashlight...she had herself a little light show in the living room this morning.

Well we finished the race Saturday! It went really good, we had to take a few walk breaks but just quick ones. There were a lot more hills than I anticipated. But we weren't last, and we kept up pretty well with everyone else! Mandy helped me keep going, I was about to give up running up a hill and she would say "Just get to the top!" You don't know how much just hearing things like that helps while you are running.

before the race
I had to remind both of us at one point that "A year ago, neither one of us could go even this far!" Which is very true, and I'm proud of both Mandy and myself for finishing! Its also awesome to hear people cheer for you when you cross the finish line...and for someone to hand you a bottle of water at the end too.

after the race

I'm not sure what the exact time was we finished, but we started at 9 am and finished before 9:40 (when Josh told us what time it was, after we caught our breath) So I'm guessing it was around 35-37 minutes, I will update when I find out.

Willow and Josh came, but I am pretty sure she had more fun on the bouncer they had for kids. She even made a new friend!

silly girl
hugs for a new friend!

I'm still a little sore today, my back hurts a little and my calf muscles are tight. I think I'll do some yoga and strength training once Willow goes down for her nap tonight. Hope you all have a wonderful Monday (is that possible??)

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