Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A run and no sleep

Last nights run on TM:

2.58 miles, I averaged a 5.6 mph speed. The treadmill cut off half way through and I had to start all over and add everything up.

I would have gone to 3 miles but there was a strong pain in my side that didn't go away even after slowing down so I stopped. I'm not going to get upset with my self though, I am slowly but surely picking up distances on runs. So thats a good thing.

I am however, getting a little nervous about the 5k this weekend. What if I am the slowest person out there? What if I injure myself and can't finish it? I know a 5k is small stuff for seasoned runners but this is a big event for me! My very first 5k!

Anyway, I was sleeping on the sofa because Josh had taken over the king size bed, when I woke up to Willow crying and then a thump, and then cry/screaming. I ran in the bedroom, I guess she had woken up before and Josh put her in the bed with him. She fell out. She is okay but I don't think she is feeling well (besides her eye) so we all slept in the bed after that. how does a little person like that manage to take up a whole king size bed??? She must get that from her Daddy. She also kicks and headbutts in her sleep, which if you ask my Mom, she gets that from me. Not a great combination to have when there are other people in the bed! We didn't get much sleep last night/this morning. Josh got the worst part of it because she wanted to sleep on his chest, then she migrated towards me and I woke up to baby feet in my face.:

 See that small area after her feet? That would be my spot. (and this is why I'm on my third cup of coffee FYI and its not even 8:30. )

Hope you all have a rocking day...I'm picking up a (free!!!) jogging stroller tonight from a lady nice enough to hand hers down to me. I am looking forward to taking Willow on some runs at the park!

Was anyone else nervous about their first race? what kind of race was it?

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