Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Rest Night

Last night's Run  Rest Night turns out to be well needed.

I had full intentions of going home and jumping on that treadmill last night once Willow went down for the evening. Turns out she had different plans. I got home and she was in a pleasant, talkative (her language of course) mood that we were very much enjoying. She even helped me cook and taste tested the spaghetti sauce with me, saying "mmmm num!" with every bite.

After dinner I wanted to make sure I had enough water in me before running so I filled up my new pink water bottle (I have a weird thing about all cups. I'm obsessed) with ice water. Willow apparently has the same weird obsession over cups because she wanted the cup. I am trying to not give in to every little thing with her because it is becoming a slight issue...spoiled. So I didn't give it to her.

Bad Idea.

That set the mood for the rest of the evening which included crying, hyperventilating, snot, and this wanting-to-be-held-but-don't-touch-me thing she does. Once she was finally asleep I carefully put her in her crib and got in gear to do my thing.

(Venturing out into the cold, detached garage in the dark is NOT my thing. I make the dog come out with me so I feel more protected and less of a weenie. )

The damn treadmill would not turn on. I guess I had too many things plugged in out there and it wouldn't reset. Damn you electricity and my woman brain that knows nothing about you.

And of course Josh's back was hurting so he was no use. So last night resulted in a glass of wine in bed and watching the show "The Following". Oddly enough, I feel like I've done sit ups all night and I didn't even do strength training last night. Complete rest night. Maybe my body needed it. It hasn't had one of those in a few weeks.

How often do you take complete rest nights?

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