Thursday, March 28, 2013

Her'sday Thursday and a Little Motivation

What do you tell yourself so you won't give up?

Its here! Her'sday Thursday! (Little Friday)

Willow had a hard time last night again, she woke up screaming around 1:30 a.m., not sure why still. I think it might be bad dreams because she squeezed her little arms around my neck and wouldn't let go. She didn't even want to lay down, she just wanted me to walk with her. Not fun. I hope she sleeps better tonight.

Obviously I will be in need of motivation tonight to run because I am exhausted and I won't have time to do it right after work, so it will be late after Willow goes down and on the treadmill. Joy. (I'm starting to dread the treadmill, I need to clean up the garage BAD, anyone want to help?) So, in honor of being sleep deprived and it being Hersday, I'm going to list some before and during motivation.

Before: To Get You Running:

-You've worked hard on getting your body stronger, you don't want to stall out now, do you? (the answer is no. duh.)
-Swimsuit season is what, a little over a month away? You know you want to make their jaws drop!
-Do you really want to watch re-runs of wheel of fortune? no. Go to RedBox and rent a movie to watch while running!

During: To Keep You Running:

-The further you go, the less guilty you will feel about eating those Cadbury Creme Eggs on Easter.
- Make an awesome playlist on your ipod/smartphone/MP3 player. All your favorite songs that get you moving. ("Sexy and you know it!")
- My personal fav. is thinking about that banana-mocha-chip shake I treat myself to post-run. Delish.
-Are you sweating yet? no? KEEP GOING!

Last night, I did 35 minutes of strength training/aerobics last night, but I didn't get to use the work out video as planned. Sometimes they don't load properly on your "smart" phone when you live out in the boonies.
So instead I did a combination of things and made sure to keep moving the whole time. This included flutter kicks, squats, lunges, jumping jacks, planks, side planks, a move I think is called the climber? (plank position with arms and running with legs), and some other moves I learned from Hip-Hop Abs dvds in the past. Also some punching with 2lb weights and plain old sit ups.  I just made sure I kept moving! I think that's the key sometimes!

Well it has taken me a good half of the day to complete this blog since I've actually been fairly busy at work today. Here are some photos from today, just because:

Before leaving for work/babysitters

Lunch....Just what I needed!

I hope you all have a fantastic Hersday! :)

What is your best motivation to get started, and to keep going?

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