Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rest Night? Whats that?

I have decided. There is no such thing as a rest night when you are a mom. Especially to a toddler.

Last night was supposedly a rest night but since Josh's Rodeo blew up we had to go pick up a truck he's borrowing from his dad (who I swear is the most helpful human being on earth.). This was after getting off work and driving back to the boonies in rush hour traffic. So I drove him an hour the opposite way to get the truck, then Willow and I were on our way to my beloved Target to pick up a prescription for her pink eye (yes, I know its gross. Trust me if your kid doesn't have it, they will. get. it. eventually.). Too bad Target's pharmacy closes at 7 and it was after 7 when I figured this out. So I stopped by McDonald's and got a salad and Willow a "happy" meal. What a waste of hard earned mulah....she had like 2 fries and half a "chicken" nugget. My southwestern chicken salad was surprisingly tasty.

So we got home around 8, and she stayed up to nearly 9 which is just past her bedtime. I finally put her down and I was half way through watching "Bates Motel" when she woke up screaming......forgetting she has pink eye I put her in the bed with us because her fever had broken and she was cold. (By the way, did anyone else see "Bates Motel"? What'd you think? I totally missed the ending!)

Needless to say I spent this morning not only getting ready for work, making breakfasts/lunches but also lysoling and changing bed sheets. Yay.

So. That was my rest night. How does your rest night usually go? Hopefully better than mine!

Tonight's goal after feeding, bathing and putting my dear daughter to bed will be 3 miles on the treadmill. At least 5.0 mph, hopefully 6.5 mph for 2 minutes at a time.

My breakfast this morning wasn't bad:

Banana, half a cinnamon rasin english muffin and some vanilla greek yogurt...with green tea of course. I already downed my coffee on my way to work.

Well, I better get to work! Hope you all have a grand Tuesday...

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