Thursday, March 14, 2013

Second Wind

The time change is really starting to mess with my schedule.

Around 9 PM everynight I have been getting a "second wind" and I go into full energy mode. I'm hoping this wears off soon, I'd rather that second wind come at around 7:30 in the evening instead. I didn't run until a little after 9 last night, and I had continuous interruptions which has been happening a lot lately. I guess that would be called life?

I totaled about 2.90 miles, give or take. I am getting better at running the whole time instead of running/walking and I sped it up the last bit to 6.1 mph (usually do 5.0 or 5.5 mph) to amp up the calorie burn towards the end. Since I am out in the garage I have a dvd player set up on the wall (one of those ones you put in your car) to watch while running. That and the treadmill are both hooked up to an extension cord, which tends to cut off. Mostly when I go to slow down on the treadmill. (it must be a sign that I should keep going faster!) It did that twice last night, once in the begining and then at the end when I went to cool down. So my cool down ended up being the walk back to the house because I didn't feel like fooling around with the extension cord. I also had to stop in the middle of running to go help Josh with the computer, which I wasn't a big help on that and we both just ended up irritated. Thanks technology!

Speaking of technology, does anyone use the Nike+ app on their phone? The time/distance on that does not quite match up with the stats on the treadmill and its frustrating me. I need to callibrate it I suppose? Also, is it worth buying a running gps watch, like a garmin? And what the heck is a Nike Fuel Band anyway??

This book came in the mail the other day, I had ordered it off Amazon:

0314130947.jpg  Has anyone read this? I haven't started it yet, I'm looking forward to starting it on my lunch break.

Thanks for all the views by the way! I would really love some feedback, tips, advice, whatever you like!

Have a wonderful Thursday (AKA Hers-day)!

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