Monday, March 18, 2013

St. Patrick's Day and New Food

Happy Monday! well...its not happy so much as it is raining/snowing/sleeting mid-March. Where is the warm sunshine??

Friday went well, Mandy and I tie dyed T-shirts for our 5k this coming Saturday. We did one for Willow too, since shes our side line member :)

I came home to the neighbors and their kids outside with Josh and Willow, she was in a swing he had put up for her that day. Well it was anchored about 30 feet in the air (it was secure, but still high!) and he was swinging her as high as he could...if I hadn't had an adult beverage at Mandy's I probably would have had a heart attack when I saw him swinging her! But she was enjoying it, the whole time saying "weeeee!"

Saturday I tried going the 5k distance on my treadmill at a faster than usual pace (5.5mph - 6.2 mph) and it went surprisingly well. I'm still sore today though! It is getting more possible to run farther, and I am absolutely loving it! Back in highschool you couldn't get me to run 1 mile! I did strength training yesterday using 4lb dumb bells and Willow sat on my stomach while I did crunches.

We didn't have the adult day that we had planned on Saturday, so we ended up taking Willow to a local St. Patricks Day festival that was kid friendly. She loved it, went running around everywhere which I am going to say adds to my mileage for that day because I had to chase her everywhere! We all slept a good 12 hours Saturday night. Taking her out Saturday was WAY better than an adult day!


P.S. Am I the last person on Earth to try Nutella?? I had a crepe Saturday with Nutella and strawberries and I almost died from pleasure. So good! Also I picked these up at Kroger yesterday:
1. Mango Salsa (my new fav snack!)
2. Stilton cheese with apricots (yum!)
Have you tried any of these? whats your favorite food?

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