Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's Her's Day (Thursday)!

Happy Her's Day!

I'm currently munch on a Kashi Go Lean Crisp bar as my mid afternoon snack. I think it might be intended for a meal replacement but if its under 200 calories I usually consider it a snack. I didn't used to like Kashi products but as I've learned more about processed foods and unprocessed foods, I've grown to like their stuff.

Last night I did this 25 minute long ab work out video:

Afterwards I did some free weights (for me that is 4lb weights, FYI because I'm a weenie.). I like to do a squat move and then use the weights to punch left to right and repeat that about 20 times. If you hold your stomach in while doing so you can feel it!

Tonight I am running with my friend Mandy, she and I are running the 5k Saturday so tonight I am hoping to see how we match up with paces and so on. I was told not to "lolli-gag" while I was out ...what does that even mean? I'm pretty sure men "lolli-gag" at friend's houses way more than women. But hey, thats just my opinion.

I have been really working on cutting back diet sodas and processed foods lately. However, my throat feels a little swollen/sickly so I did drink a diet coke earlier. Yes, I know that is not going to help my throat but it was a good enough excuse to have one, right?

I did have a salad for lunch and it was sooo good. I had mixed greens with Stilton cheese (with apricots!) and strips of left over steak topped with raspberry vinaigrette. It was delicious! I'm not really great at making fancy salads so I was proud of this one.

On a different note: Willow is 20 months today! and like I tweeted earlier, in 4 months when she is 2 I will be crying like a baby while she laughs at me like a toddler! Also, she has become quite the Daddy's girl lately. I told Josh I miss my Mommy's girl and he replied "you had her for 9 months, now its my turn!" Last night she would only give Josh kisses, and if I gave Josh a hug she would climb up in his lap and proceed to budge me out of the way with her head, while saying "mine!" I'm sure this is just a phase, right?

Where did my cuddly little baby go?

(This was after we got home after our first post-baby date) I missed her so!

If you have children, what interesting phases did they go through? Do they like to run or do other activities with you?


Anonymous said...

it Lissy!! :)

Lisseee said...

Thank you! So glad someone finally commented :):) you made my day!