Tuesday, April 16, 2013

2 Flights of Stairs= Soreness

Good morning my friends. I hope everyone is safe. I heard that a little boy who was 8 was killed watching his dad run at the Boston Marathon yesterday. Such a tragedy. So many people were hurt, I hope they find the person(s) responsible for such pain caused.

My work out yesterday = a lot of pain today. It was a pretty hard video, It killed me going up the 2 flights of stairs this morning at work, and even more so when I realized I left my breakfast/lunch in my car and had to do it all over again. In 4 inch heels. Here is the video, try it if you dare:


Despite Willow waking me up multiple times last night and attempting to let her sleep with us (and then waking up to find her playing with my hair), and then putting her back in her own bed; I am not as tired as I would have thought. I'm tired, but not as much. I think exercising really does help with energy. I also would have slept really good after that work out if I hadn't been woken up. But waking up to Willow is never a horrible thing.

One thing I am having an issue with that I haven't before is dry mouth. Water isn't helping, and whenever I eat something (even yogurt) it feels like sand. It might be from my medication (for depression) or dehydration, I'm not sure. But it is driving me nuts! Its really bad this morning. I read to chew gum or to suck on sugar free hard candy to help produce saliva, so I guess I need to find one of those today. Has anyone else had an issue with dry mouth?

Tonight is run night, after I pick up Willow, and I really need to make this one count because Saturday is the Color Me Rad 5k (the whole reason I started running) and its my birthday, so I really want to get a good run in before I rest for that. Wish me luck!

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