Thursday, April 11, 2013

Slow Like Lava

Do you know what day it is??? Its Her's Day!

Feel free to come join me on my porch for a glass of Red Moscato this evening :)

Last night my distance was 2.51 miles, and my pace was a 12'22" on average. My overall average for my overall runs is 11'28" so I'm guessing the 86 degree weather last night really slowed me down. I wanted to quit at .88 mile, It was so hot and I'm not used to it yet.

My Nike +

I started with taking laps around the barn and then the house. Josh and Willow were outside playing and I told him I want to stop, basically he said no. But that turned out to be a good thing because I kept going. I decided to run down our street and I got into a zone then which was in a way relaxing. For my mind anyway. I did walk more often than usual, at the last half mile I started to feel cold which for me is usually a sign that I'm about to black out so I cooled down then and walked. (I have panic disorder, when I was younger I would black out from time to time). **I realized why runners wear those mesh-y shorts. They breath and its awesome. Cotton shorts are terrible for running!

Josh was a little freaked out about how beet red my face was when I came back. He had an awesome tip by the way: When you are really hot, run cool water over the inside of your wrists, it cools you down quickly. I'm guessing it has something to do with the veins that run right there.

Anyway, we ate dinner after that. Josh grilled some chicken legs and we also had one of those bags of steamed mixed veggies and a Pasta Side dish. I skipped the pasta and had a sweet potato instead. I was super proud of Willow because she had almost a whole chicken leg, pasta, and three servings of sweet potato!

After dinner I did that old 8 Minute Abs video. (I learned about that video from Hungry Runner Girl )

It really is tough, and my abs are the hardest thing for me, I have a lot of skin from being pregnant that just wont seem to go away. I know a lot of it is time, but also its a lack of muscle strength as well. What is your biggest problem area? (We all have one, even if for some of us, its in our head)

Its Her'sday, so get out and spend some time in that sunshine and enjoy yourself!! :)

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