Monday, April 1, 2013

2 Playgrounds, 2 Egg Hunts and Too Much Food!

What happened to the weekend? I seriously thought today was Sunday when I woke up. I was very disappointed.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Easter, and that you enjoyed time with family and friends!

Saturday went something like this:

Easter Egg Hunting!
  • Mid-Morning Easter Egg hunt at a friend's church, Willow especially loved the story time and songs!
  • Attempt at running at a track with Jessi H, got about 4-5 laps in before Willow tried to get out the stroller
  • 2nd playground of the day, to play on slides too high for Willow and a random lady indirectly calling me overprotective to her husband. (I like my child alive and broken-bone free, thank you.)
  • Cook out at my brother's for our dad's birthday. Willow enjoyed rolling in the grass with her cousins.
  • Roasting marshmallows at the neighbor's house
To say the least it was a busy day! But we had a lot of fun!

Easter Sunday Mom came over and Josh made his "heart stopper" omelets and Willow stole bites from mine and her Grammy's. She also had a cadburry egg filled with Caramel and tons of other candy. We had lunch with Josh's family and another Easter egg hunt. Lunch was awesome and I was so full I didn't eat again until this morning. 

I squeezed in a run before Easter Breakfast. 3.12 miles on our road. I finally made it all the way to the end and back! It was a small victory. I also did some ab stuff when I got back since I knew it was going to be food over load after! (I had 2 Cadburry eggs shortly after. Those things are addictive.)

I have been exhausted lately, like I'm ready to go to bed at Willow's bed time. I'm not sure why I've been so zapped. I think I'll take it as a sign that tonight should be a rest night. Hopefully it will help, I'm tired of being tired all the time!
***note: on my lunch break I picked up two packets of that Click expresso protein shake stuff...I'm going to see if that gives me a little boost in the afternoon, starting tomorrow. It looks like itd be awesome for run days!


Well, I thought there were more but apparently not. We both forgot our phones at home yesterday...whoops!

How was your holiday?

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