Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sour Face Day

I didn't get to run last night. So I decided I'd probably feel better this morning and get up early and run. When the alarm went off at 5 am and I sat up on the sofa, where I slept so I wouldn't wake Josh, I had a coughing fit so I decided I'd go back to sleep. So I didn't get a run in this morning and now I'm cranky and my allergies aren't helping.

So now I'm at work, hoping that the Alavert I took for my allergies this morning will kick in ASAP so I can go run this evening. (of course I left my gym bag at home so I will have to wait until after I get home instead of the usual right after work)

I'm needing some major motivation this week! I woke up this morning thinking "Why did I even start doing this crap?" which I assume we all think at some point but I just have to get past that and realize that I'm becoming healthier and I'm setting a better example for Willow than if I weren't working hard at being healthy. I also genuinely enjoy running and exercising and finding new things to eat, but sometimes after being a Mom and a full time employee I get a little tired.

classy bathroom picture at work
Anyway, if my allergies are still being obnoxious this afternoon I am still going to run, but probably not as far as I'd like. Did I mention it is supposed to be in the 90's today? Spring was literally here for like, a second. I'd still rather see this than snow....but I wonder if that will change after running in this heat? I think I'm going to have to go get some tank tops and shorts that are appropriate for the weather.

By the way, I am in love with the maxi dresses that...get ready for it....Family Dollar sells. The one I have on today fits me like a dream and that plus the sweater were under $20 at Family Dollar. Don't hate me 'cause I'm thrifty!

I better get to work! Have a wonderful hump day, and do an extra lap for me please!

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