Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A "Lazy" Run and The Most Terrible Twos

Yesterday Afternoon I ran in the park.
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I completed 2.63 miles in 29.09 minutes at a 11'04" pace. The pace isn't too bad for me but I would have liked to get to at least 3 miles, I just didn't have it in me yesterday, but I will not let myself go under 2.5 miles.

I did try a Click Protien drink afterwards though. I tried the Mocha flavor and that was pretty amazing. I blended it into a frappe type drink. It was gone in no time. When it starts getting warmer out I might even start making that as my breakfast. It gave me a boost too with the expresso shots in it so you know I loved that.


I have been avoiding them but I think its time I break out the P90X videos on my no-run days. Starting with tonight. I'll let you know if I make it out alive.

Alert: Rant in 3, 2, 1:

Speaking of making it out alive, I don't know how people survive their child's Terrible Two phase. I LOVE my daughter, but she doesn't not like me right now. She only wants Josh and she will barely let me talk to her in the afternoons. I know she is testing her limits, as well as teething, and I realize that part of it is Josh gives in more than I do. Being a guy, I'm assuming Josh doesn't quite understand that girls will use their weapon of crying/whining/pouting to get what they want, regardless if it is something they need or not. He has that soft spot for a daughter that any father should have. And I have that OMG-why-does-my-daughter-hate-me-guilt that I don't know if its common or not, but I know I inherited it from my mom, shes reminded me of this often.

I know Willow will grow out of it, and don't misunderstand, she is not like this all the time. Just recently she has been very into the "getting her way" thing and lately her way hasn't been the expected way (like playing outside when its 40 degrees and dark)...I can't wait for summer to get here and we can all play outside in the evenings and eat dinner on the back porch.

So, if any lovely mommies out there have any helpful advice, please feel welcome to comment!

Rant Over.

I guess I better get on with my day and do some work, hope you all have a wonderful hump day!


Lindsay Gregory said...

I like the article you posted about Tantrums on FB. Owen has been the same way lately. Complete tantrums every time I have to change his diaper, simply because he doesn't want to sit still long enough. Screaming, hitting, kicking, you name it. Where did my angel baby go? lol He doesn't do this to Brian or anyone else. Ugghhh....I hope this phase passes quickly! =)

Lisseee said...

Lindsay, Thats the same thing Willow does! I told Josh that I feel like I'm wrestling an aligator when I try to dress her! She only does it to be too! I ordered the "what to expect with a toddler" book on amazon today, I hope it will be helpful! Maybe these toddlers need a play date!