Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bad Form

Pictures from last weekend's Color Me Rad 5k came out and please, take my word for it, my form is terrible. I noticed my feet going outward instead of pointing forward for one. And after reading about how to properly run with a stroller I can tell you I don't do that right either. :
Source: runners world

Source: runners world

See the "wrong" and "incorrect" ways? Yep. I do both of those. So here is my plan for tonight's run (if Willow allows):

1. Timed run instead of distance. I am going to aim for a 30 minute go and try to  not worry about how far I am going.

2. Use this time to work on my form. Feet in, stroller close. I can only imagine how goofy I look when you add those above pictures together. yikes.

3. Be positive. I've had trouble with this lately.

I need to work on form instead of distance tonight because I do not want to eventually get injured from not running properly and safely. I also need to check the tires because last time I ran it was wobbly...I think we over filled them with air and two tires got popped off the wheel a little. Yay.

I will share pictures and how the run went tomorrow! :) 

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