Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Someone Please Open This Door For Me!

Good morning! Technically, today is my Thursday, but I'll save Her'sday for tomorrow.

Anyway, My arms are  still so tired from that work out video (I have no upper body strength, FYI) so its taking me forever to type and I have trouble opening doors at work. Ha. But really.

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Yesterday I went for a run after eating 2 whole summer squash(es) that I fried up, so after a while I started to feel those babies trying to make a second appearance. Not pleasant. I ran to the end of my road and back, about 2.70 miles. I still wanted to get to at least a 5k distance so I ran up and down the barn driveway, where Josh and Willow joined me. I think I am going to end up having a new little running partner on my hands because if you say "Go, go, go!" she will run those little legs as fast as she can! So she ran about .30 miles with me, and by the time we finished and I was finally at 3.1 miles, her little cheeks were red and she looked like she had ran a mile. I'm pretty sure that that distance is a mile for her legs. It took a few minutes longer than usual, but it was a great run to have them with me at the end :)

I am so sore from the work out Monday and adding a 3 mile run plus "8 minute abs" last night. Tonight I'm going to take it easy, I think I'll do some yoga to get my muscles stretched out. Thursday is a run day and then Friday I'm taking it easy and enjoying a day off from work with Willow before the 5k/my birthday/the chili cook off Saturday.

By the way, after reading comments on facebook about those flavor enhancers, I cut up some thin slices of lime into my ice water this morning. Its not could use some tequila but you know, that type of thing is probably not welcomed in the office. I did sprinkle in half a packet of splenda though.

Well, I better get to work! I hope you all have a wonderful day and enjoy this 80 degree, sunny weather!

*Praying for those effected at Boston. May they find peace and justice soon.*

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