Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A New Distance, and The Power of Seeds and Nuts

Last night I FINALLY got up to 4 miles! Actually, I went a total of 4.1 miles, but whos counting? (me)

I thought I would be here long before now but I'm just happy that I finally made it this far. I know for seasoned runners, 4 miles is no big deal but for me it is, and I'm proud! It gave me a boost that I have been needing the past week.

I think taking good rest day Sunday helped with last night's run. I think my body needed that break.


Yesterday I posted a picture of some Overnight Oatmeal I made for breakfast. It was so good I decided to make it again for today. I think I underestimated the peanut butter ratio though. Also, I added chia seeds this time to step up the nutrional value. Those little things seem to be packed with good stuff.

I also found something amazing. Coffee Covered, Caramel Machiato flavored almond. Um. Where have you been all my life? 1 serving is equal to 25mg of caffiene, great for a little pick me up. I thought about grinding some and putting them in my oatmeal but decided not too. Those will be reserved for my first afternoon snack time (1 out of 2...or 3).

I also bought roasted pumpkin seeds and topped my salad at lunch with some. Seeds and nuts are just so helpful when it comes to protein and good fats.

Whats your favorite nut/seed/fruit toping for a salad?

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