Thursday, April 4, 2013

Her'sday Thursday

Happy Her'sday! :)

Okay, so I lied about doing the p90x video yesterday. I had the full intention of doing so, I even pulled the dvds out. But the only tv with a dvd player was being used by someone else who obviously didn't want to watch me get my pain  sexy on. So I found this on my smartphone instead:

It was actually super hard and at a few points last night I swore my legs were going to fall off.

I'm looking forward to a run night, I'm going to find a good movie and do a long run on the treadmill. I need something to relieve some stress and a good run sounds like just the thing!

In other oh-so-exciting-news, Willow was back to her happy self last night. After reading a few articles, I decided to try something new. I asked her instead of telling her. For instance, usually I say something like "Its time for a diaper change, go get a diaper!" (in a nice voice). Last night I tried by asking her:

"Willow, can I change your diaper? Do you want to sit on the potty?" Which led to her getting all excited and she didn't fight me to take the diaper off, especially since she wanted to sit on her potty. She doesn't quite get the whole potty thing, but she understands that you sit on it and that you put toilet paper in it afterward...thats her use of the potty. Lol.

I didn't get much sleep last night and what I did get it wasn't restful, so seeing this this morning made my day a little better:

da mo 162 Daily motivation (25 photos)

What are you looking forward to on Her'sday? Don't forget to treat yourself! A glass of wine, a good movie, a good run, whatever makes you happy! :)

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